Poppy Sellers Scared Of Attack

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cannonpig, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. From the "South Manchester Reporter"...

    "BRITISH Legion branches in south Manchester say poppy collectors are not coming forward because they’re scared of being attacked in the street. Legion veterans say the fear of violence is the main reason branches in the area are woefully short of sellers and collectors. In recent years poppy sellers and their collection tins have been the target of thugs who see them as easy prey".

    Full Story

    I presume this is typical of the rest of the country, given the attitude of some people to the older generations.
    There must be enough Ex-Squaddies, TA & on-leave personnel to give few hours of their time to accompany a collector. I'm not talking bodyguards, just a Mate hanging around.
    TA units could contact their local British Legion Branch and sort out a stag list!
    Chaperone the Lady/Gentleman for a wee while then go for a couple pints afterwards!

    What say you arrsers? Any ideas?
  2. How about snipers in the windows above the said collector. It would only take the odd one or two scummers to have their knees shot out to get the message out.

    (note, i am mellowing out in my old age, days ago i would have called for head shots!!)
  3. Its a sad state of affairs when people target Poppy sellers in the streets. It goes to show the level of understanding as to why there actually sold. I have read a few threads on here and also had to explain as to why i felt the need to wear a Poppy at work part of me wanted to shake them the other part was pure bewilderment. I would happily excort a member of the Legion to sell Poppys infact I would be honoured to and will contact my local branch in the morning.
  4. Bet you don't.
  5. The legion are better off targeting supermarkets, shopping centers ect than wandering around sh1tholes waiting for some dosser to mug 'em for a few quid!
  6. Top idea Cannonpig

    I dont see any reason why that couldnt or shouldnt work. If the lads are in uniform too, would probably help with a bit of KAPE at the same time. Good for both parties.
  7. Mind you knowing the local Constabulary where we are, if anything did happen they would most likely try pin it on the lads in Uniform.

    I don’t think having blokes in uniform will make a difference really, as for a few years we have done collecting in uniform.

    But you get one biff that goes:

    Local Biff:
    “You British fatherless”

    To which we replies:
    “Fcuk off you (Insert derogatory name) or I’m going to chin you”

    That usually shuts them up.

    At first it was the local Irish, and now it is the towel Heads who get a bit brave. But it could be anyone now.

    However it has always been just a few, as most people Shite themselves when they see a bit of green, as they only see it on TV now.
  8. Can't we just issue all the collectors with a browning, once the locals lose a few kneecaps, i'm sure they will pipedown. Or even just pickaxe handles??

  9. What did they say??
  10. The Legion might approach the plod/council for details of sites covered by CCTV - especially those that are obvious enough to prevent any attempt. Collector would be advised to get an escort at end of duty, and if attacked or collection demanded to hand money over whilst manoeuvring him/herself to face away from camera so as to expose assailant's face.

    Oh, a kick in the nuts helps.
  11. Maybe the collectors could also carry a fake collection tin crammed with explosives. A 10 second fuse would do the trick...
  12. Perhaps some KAPE Tours/ TA Recruiting could be around arranged the Poppy selling season or vice-versa..?

    ¤º°louLou°º¤, how did you get on?
  13. You mean we could rearange the 11th of Novemer around a KAPE tour/Ta recruiting? Unfortuanly the Poppy selling season is pretty fixed!!!! :-D
  14. Mmmmm, I'll be more precise for the benifit of the educationally subnormal...!:-D
    "Perhaps some KAPE Tours/ TA Recruiting could be around arranged the Poppy selling season or vice-versa..?"
    ie, they could work in the same location simultaneously - safety in numbers. For instance the presence of a veteran poppy-seller may prevent the Para KAPE tour from getting filled in by school kids :wink:
  15. So what you said was

    my bold.

    What you meant to say was

    I'm not educationally challenged enough to confuse the selling season (typically about 3 - 4 weeks prior to Rememberence day) with the areas or patches used by the poppy sellers. ie the highstreet where you could also park a stall for the local TA/Bn/Regiment or Corps etc.

    To be honest, all for the idea myself, even if you get a cadet/scout band out it means lots of people in the area, so less chance some thieving scum sucking leech will be brave enough to steal the pot from the seller.

    The times we live in (shakes head in dispair), still recken the sniper method could be the most effective though, or the booby traped money pot.