Poppy seller attacked and robbed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radovan, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. What a foul fcuk, hope someone really puts his sack in a vise for that.
  2. Disgusting. I hope they find the cnut and hang him.
  3. Cut and paste please no BBC here
  4. Poppy seller attacked and robbed
    A man selling Remembrance Day poppies in a supermarket foyer has been attacked and his collection stolen.
    The 74-year-old was in the Sainsbury's store on Cricketers Way, Pitsea, Essex, on Thursday evening, when he was pushed into a table by his attacker.

    The robber grabbed the collection tin - thought to have contained about £100 - and made off on a mountain bike.

    He is described as white, aged between 20 and 40, with a scarring or pockmarks on his face.

    Police are appealing for witnesses.
  5. Jesus. H. Christ.

    I mean, no matter how far you descend into your miserable, drug-addled, ratlike existence...isn't there one shred of self-respect left that says, "Hey! Maybe knocking over a 74-year-old and stealing a can of coins from veterans is too low for even a sh!tbagging weasel like me!"?
  6. It's disgusting.
  7. Junkie fcuk top the scum
  8. Words fail.
  9. Fucking little cunt. He should have his fingers and toes removed with bolt cutters. Sounds like another fucking junkie, maybe we should go the Malaysia route and top all the fuckers.
  10. That’s feking outrageous!!!!!

    Can we get a collection together to replace the stolen money?
  11. No. He probably comes from a broken home, hasn't had a chance, needed a fix. Will probably get an ASBO, conditional discharge, probation or community service - assuming anyone catches the t##t which I doubt it. Knocking off a poppy collector is no different in his eyes to mugging a pensioner anyway and I suppose he's done a few of them too! :roll:
  12. I'm sat here seething. I'm normally a very placid soul but I'd very easily inflict unmentionable pain upon the low life perpetrator. Unfortunately, if the thief in question is caught, I'd only expect him to get a slap on the wrist for theft of what amounts to minor amount of cash. Fingers crossed he’s caught quickly and the Judge is a fair minded* chap.

    *Should read ‘Nasty bast’rd with close military ties’
  13. Why does this not surprise me in this country anymore. Was the old chap by himself? If there were a few more volunteers, ideally six foot and built like a brick shithouse accompanying the old soldier, maybe this sort of foul crap wouldn`t happen :evil: