Poppy season

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Once again that time of year is approaching, poppy silly season! Ladies, Gentlemen and Sluggy, who are your targets this year for the screams of "the cunt was not wearing a poppy".
  2. I love this season, walt -outing, poppy fascism, outrage bus outings..... Light the touch paper!

    I will be paying close attention to Jack Wills shop on the Promenade in Cheltenham, a couple of years ago there was significant outrage because they were playing loud music with the doors open during the 2 mins silence (war memorials are more or less directly outside)....
  3. Your Mister Potato-head avatar doesn't have a poppy on! What a cunt!
  4. Grief whore
  5. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    There must be something wrong it's October and none of our Unionists have been seen wearing a poppy.
  6. Has to be a bet on who's first: Cameron or Milliband. What's the smart money on?
  7. The ARRSE 2012 Poppy Appeal Drinking Game

    Neck a pint and a shot when the inevitable happens. Ord Sgt can stick to brake fluid by the litre.

    1) Someone will target Jon Snow early doors and get shot down.

    2) We'll all pretty much agree that the beardy lot can burn as many poppies as they want as long as they pay for them (beardy lot meaning Choudrey an Co not the Time Team.)

    3) Somewhere in the country Help for Heroes will set up a stall right next to an RBL stall and it'll all kick off (hopefully)

    4) Some dopey student will get caught having a slash on a war memorial.

    5) Said student will become a target for every paper in the land simply because he got caught near Remembrance Day and the wankers that do it week in week out will be ignored.

    6) Someone will post a pic of some old boy tic toc-ing along with enough medals to put Audie Murphy to shame.

    7) Said old boy will turn out to have slaughtered 30 Nips single handedly with nothing more than a mess tin and a raised eyebrow and the OP will then be slaughtered.

    Feel free to add your own to the list.
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  8. Phew! I thought from the thread title someone was going to come after me with a loaded shotgun
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  9. It's not a shotgun but I'd happily give you both barrels treacle ;-)
  10. That made me smile.
  11. What if Time Team DO start burning poppies?
  12. We start burning faux leather stetsons in retaliation.

    That'll fucking learn 'em.
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  13. We fill in their trenches. Bags I Carenza's trench.
  14. Ah Poppy time, soon be time for that poem then.
  15. It wont be a defensive trench, no berm.