Poppy Revenge?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mazur_UK, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Today at school a very anti-military teacher came up to me and demanded that I removed my poppy (I am the only person wearing one at the moment). When I refused she threatened me with an after-school detention and made up some cr*p about it not complying with school dress codes. I said that I would not go and so I had to face a bo11ocking by my head of year for answering back to a teacher or some-such rubbish.

    Any ideas what I should do to the teacher in question? I know it is not against dress codes as people wear cancer ribbons etc all the time.

    All (practical) suggestions will be attempted :D
  2. Take her round the back of the block and cave her skull in with a track pin.....lol
  3. Well young fella, lets see what the headteacher would say to his board of governors to say that the poppy is a breach of dress code, and watch the sparks fly in the local press..if you feel strongly about it, phone the local newspaper...wear it pride with young man...good on yer

    Better still pm me with the school phone number and I will do some phoning to remind them of what the poppy stands for!!!..Im sure some fellow arrsers would do the same
  4. Write a very snotty letter criticising your school for taking a negative stance on the poppy appeal and name the teachers involved.
    Address said letter to the editor of your local free rag, every national newspaper, and your schools board of directors.

    Then sit back and wait for your apology :twisted:
  5. As above, and then set fire to her car.
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Say that your father, grandfather and great grandfather all served in the military and you respect their sacrifice and those who served with them.

    Further, then go on to say that you are supported a recognised established charity and would like to see where in the dress code that the school forbids the wearing of such an item.

    Also get your parents to write a full on snotogrm to the Headmaster explaining their disappointment at a teacher failing to support the values that Earl Haig fund represents.
  7. This is a tricky one as (without meaning to talk down to you) your young and still at school so your opinion often gets ignored.

    You say they can wear cancer ribbons but not a poppy, Which i truly believe is wrong. If the cancer ribbons were banned i'd understand the poppy issue.

    This teacher, when you say they are anti military how are they projecting this at you at school? This in itself could be seen as not very professional.

    I would like to know more about this situation and what exactly was said. Especially if you told your head of year what the argument was about. You have to think honestly though about how you spoke to the teacher because if your squeaky clean you have the high ground.

    Being a father if my child was told that then i would instantly be on to the schools head teacher to have a discussion about 'values'.

    The above is the way normal sensible way of dealing with things.
    Below is a way how not to deal with it but at the same time very satisfying........

    Tell your teacher to go f..k him/herself!

  8. Surely she is not picking on you and refusing you the right to express your support and personal beliefs? Sounds like she is mis-interpreting Government fluffy-slipper-teddy-bear-do-goody legislation there. Woe betide her if she hurts your feelings, she could get suspended for that.
  9. Alternatively you could name the school here and sit back while we complain for you.
  10. wear 2 poppies tomorrow.
  11. Name the school!!
  12. Get a collecting tin and stand at the school gate. Pretty soon you won't be the only one wearing one.
  13. Tempting though it undoubtedly is to write a letter full of fury, I'd suggest filling it with a profound sense of bitter disappointment and hurt feelings; you are, after all, (1) a school pupil with limited rights to answer back and (2) understandably upset. If the teacher was at all aggressive / offensive in her manner / speech then say so, but, whatever you do, don't make it up and don't overplay what seems to be a very good point.
  14. Say she seduced you in a cupboard and stitch some dodgy phone-videos together from youtube, use that as a leverage to sack her, and when she is walking down the steps crying the tears of a broken woman, stab her in the eye with the poppy's stalk.

    Bleedin' heart liberal.
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Very well said, now gives us the name of your school and we will rock the boat for you!!! :thumright: