Poppy positioning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. a colleague told me today she heard on the radio that the green leaf on a poppy should be pointing to 11 o'clock - has anyone else heard this or was I being wound up? :?
  2. Hey Poopy, what's about pointing your green leaf to 11 o'clock?
  3. Never heard of this one.

    Although, the amount I have seen pointing that way (roughly up and left), even when you buy them, could be a indication.
  4. I suppose if you are a Muslim it could point towards Mecca
  5. Equally true if you like the Bingo.
  6. My poppy leaf had slipped slightly and a woman at work positioned it correctly and said if i wear a poppy at least wear it correctly so there may be something in that. I will ask her tomorrow.
  7. Real poppies don't have leaves apparently.
  8. Poppy, I was disappointed when I read this! A title you may choose to use another time, possibly in the NAAFI bar and possibly with pictures? :)

    I wear mine with the leaf pointing out to the near side, i.e. in my left lapel pointing at 0200/1400 hours. TFB wears hers in the right lapel/on right bosom with leaf pointing to 1100/2300.

    That seems to me to make sense.

    Poppies do have leaves but they do not have those "figure of eight" petals that the RBL poppy seems to have in England & Wales. The Scottish poppy flower is far more like a real poppy IMHO but has no leaf.
  9. What a stroppy cow - I hope you told her to poke off! Donating for a poppy and wearing it to show support / allegiance is the only thing that's important.
  10. It's a bit of an urban myth Poppy.

    There is no rule or advice to suggest the leaf should be worn at the 1100 position. I know some who do and I know more who don't.

    I take my leaf off and just wear the Poppy without the green bit.
  11. Cuddles, I stand corrected, Sir.
  12. I wear two , one in Civvie order, the other a Red Petal behind my cap Badge minus the Leave and bits.

    as long as you are wearing it and showing respect that all you need.
  13. I have added to my lapel this year a limited edition silver badge (well silvery) showing the new Scottish memorial at Ypres.

    It bears the word "Cuimhnichibh" which is part of a Gaelic saying "Cuimhnichibh air na daoine bho'nd'thainig sibh" - translates as "remember the people whom you come from". Nice...
  14. Picked up some office boxes from the local naval association rep who distributes in the area, and was told exactly the same by one of the old and bold who was there at the same time, so it must be true Poppy!
  15. Remove the leaf.