Poppy Policy at 1(UK) Div!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by soprano54, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I heard a rumour today that some fcuking idiot @ 'The Big HQ' has put out an edict that poppies can only be worn from the 2nd Nov and removed by the 7th! 8O Also, bearing in mind the short time for being allowed to wear them he has also banned their sale until the 28th....................wottacunt!!! :x

    Who is this guilty fcuk wit?.....................Names on a postcard and can someone 1st parade the outrage bus! :roll:
  2. .........perhaps because tradition dictates that the poppy-wearing period runs from All Souls' Day on 2 November until Remembrance Sunday itself.

    Just a thought.
  3. I was always under the impression that you wore a poppy on the 1st of November then removed it the day after rememberance Sunday
  4. Is this a wah?
    Just because our politicians and the BBC are falling over themselves to wear poppies at the moment, it doesn't mean we all have to follow like sheep. I never wear one until 1st Nov. The way it is going, we will see people sporting a poppy before the first Christmas decorations have gone up.
    Seems like your "guilty fcuk wit" :roll: is spot on.

    Mind you, that doesn't stop me sporting one on my avatar! :oops:
  5. Peopl should be allowed to wear a poppy when and for how long they want to. I start wearing on on the first and take it on on the 14th but thats just me.

    It is after all about showing respect for our fallen heros and i think it should be up to personal judgement on when to wear one.
  6. Why the 7th? :?
  7. Some Regts/Corps have their own traditions, but it is normal for the poppy to be worn on Rememberance Sunday and for seven days before the event - but when 11 Nov falls 3 days after Rememberance Sunday, as this year, I shall be wearing it until then.
  8. Yes, why not. And why we're about it lets expand Christmas, or perhaps hold it twice a year. It is after all about celebrating the birth of Christ and it should be a personal judgement on which day to celebrate it.

    It's called tradition. Once you start changing the original premise of something it tends to lose its value and 'specialness'.
  9. So you'd take your's off on the 7th as well then? You must be in the same Corps as 'Terry Fcukwit'! :D
  10. I've never heard such a load of bollox, why does it take some pen pushing dimwit from the ivory towers to make such a decision. Units have their own protocols but personally I wear a small metal one throughout the year....

  11. You're him aren't you? They said we may be infiltrated by the BNP. You're Nick Griffin. :wink:
  12. Did I say when I take mine off - I don't think so. But just for you, I will confirm that I will cease wearing my poppy AD 11 Nov 09.

    Edited to add that I misunderstood part of your first post and therefore apologise - I can't believe anyone in authority will expect you to stop wearing a poppy on 7 Nov 09 - given that Remembrance Sunday falls the next day, it doesn't make any sense!
    However, I still feel posting your outrage on here is a bit futile.
  13. From the letters page in todays Telegraph:

    When to wear a poppy

    SIR – Robin Steggles (Letters, October 27) asks when is the correct time to first don one’s poppy.

    Three years ago, having retired from the Army in 1993 after 24 years’ service, I was hailed from across the street by a past chief of the general staff with: “Carter, you are incorrectly dressed.” Quite simply, I was wearing my poppy on October 31st.

    He reminded me, in no uncertain fashion, that poppies may be worn from November 1 and no earlier.

    Lt Col Charles Carter (rtd)
    Chilmark, Wiltshire
  14. Hark is that a mountain I see over there, oh no just a mole hill
  15. Whilst in the Sun an ex-squaddie was hailed by his former OC who had spotted him wearing his poppy on October 31st. When told by his ex OC he was incorrectly dressed promptly replied Fcuk Off and do one. :wink: