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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by skid2, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I realise I may get a bit of incoming for this, but I thought I would ask anyway. With all the individual poppy pins out there, is there one with a shamrock on it and the proceeds going to a good cause.
    A clatter of years ago on a miserably cold Rem Sunday afternoon I was sitting over a pint and a sunday paper. Door opens and along with the wintery chill comes two old fellows, one of whom has obviously been sampling the genourousity of the city fathers at the city hall.
    A demand for drink is expressed, the barman (whos bigotry, racism and sectarianism, like mine extends no further than the sight of a Man U. shirt) said 'No'
    'You're not serving me because I was in the British Army'
    'No' says the barman 'I'm not serving you because you're snattered, and if you fall over it's my fault'
    So obviously upset the old guy proceeds to tell him what he thought of him and the bar.
    'Hold on' I say 'what about a pot of tea'
    Mate goes yes and the other gets the sensible head on and a couple of stools are produced, weather is discussed and one of them is wearing a Royal Irish Fusiliers badge. The other is carrying an Ulster Rifles badge on his blazer.
    Barperson returns looks at me I order another pint and three bush he pointedly sets them in front of me. None of the three of us are wearing poppies in the city centre, we bought loads of them, stick thm in our pockets, put them on the fridge or in the glove compartment of the car. but we have no interest in wearing them to cause offence or make a political point.
    So I just wondered is there anyone out there doing shamrock poppy pins with the proceeds going to a good cause
    Many thanks
  2. Why not? The Masonic world displays the 'Forget-Me-Not' symbol within the poppy flower.
  3. I don't know whether I consider that 'Waltish' or deeply offensive. Guess I'll go with the latter.

  4. The German Masonic society, wore the blue 'Forget-Me-Not' flower in their buttonholes as a symbol of difiance throughout their period of persecution by the Hitler regime. In recent times, this flower had been added to the poppy. I've only noticed the metaled versions of this displayed on lapels on those Masons who wish to do so.
    Personally, I neither find the symbol either 'waltish' or 'offensive', but then each to his own.
  5. It is the whole point of Rememberance that there is no individual 'angle'. That the poppy has been hijacked by the Masons is in my view offensive
  6. If that's all it takes to get your bus started, you better strap in with these:



    And what about the Kiwis and Skippies flogging them on ANZAC Day? That could also be construed as hijacking.

    In my opinion if it gets more dosh for the Appeal then what the harm? It's not as if the basic image has not evolved into (and onto) a disparate collection of tat and trivia all being sold in the cause.
  7. The guy with the SAS regalia was outed as a walt along time ago. Australia and New Zealand have their own poppies. I can only assume that the BNP Wreath was bought through the proper channels as it looks genuine and they are a legal political party.

    The Masons are pretty badge obsessed and the mixing of their internal emblems with the RBL emblem, leads me to doubt that the RBL sees any of the money raised from the sale of them.
  8. I organise the Poppy Appeal in my local area and regarding the BNP wreath, the wreath is a genuine official Poppy wreath, but the insert is not.
    You can get "blank" wreaths whereby you can insert your own badge in the centre.
    They arrive with two rows of Poppies already inserted around the edge of the wreath and an envelope with some more fabric poppies in it.
    What is supposed to happen is, that you insert your "badge" and then pop in the rest of the loose poppies into their places in the third "round" afterwards.
    This is what the BNP have done in this case, they have made their own insert for the wreath.
    Hope that clarifies matters, because The Royal British Legion are non-racial and non-political.
    I used to have a list, (I have still got it filed away somewhere) of all the "inserts" that were available from Poppy H.Q. to put inside wreaths, there were thousands of them, all the military units, past and present, the emergency services, organisations such as guides, scouts, churches, that sort of thing, but never any for any political party.
  9. Thank you.
  10. Reading (well scanning tiredly) my RBL magazine last night, I believe the REME chap behind SAS Walt bloke is the fellow who is building a database of those servicemen and women from Northampton who have lost their lives since WW2. Good effort and very revealing, he is up to 1984 and has 111 names - many obviously died on active service (RTAs etc) but several KIA, DOW too.
  11. Don't know too much about the Poppy/Masonic link but do know that the Masons have just given £5k to each SSAFA Branch - and there are 99 branches - so they really do support the services even if they don't always shout about it.
  12. The Royal British Legion Republic of Ireland now produce "An Irish Poppy" badge. Check out the Limerick RBL Branch Homepage at*Home - Royal British Legion - Limerick Branch.
    Irish Poppy Badge PNG (website).png
  13. Well done them. Too easy to forget the thousands of Irishmen who fought in WW1 and whose memory was swept under the carpet since.

    My Canadian cousins recently asked me to confirm the Regiment shown by the cap-badge in a photo of "Uncle Tom". This was a bloke who ran away from home to enlist under-age, served with the RHA on the Somme etc - and lived out his retirement in Devon -but the photos were of him in Irish Army uniform. A story that we'll never know, he died 20 years ago.