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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by piespies, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. I keep signing up on the RBL website to volunteer to sell poppies this year, but have had no reply whatsoever. Can anyone "in the know" tell me if I'm being too impatient, only I'd really like to help this year.
  2. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Me too!
  3. Why not try your local RBL club / org?
  4. Fair point.
  5. Poppy collections are normally organised bt local branches. I doubt if HQ RBL will be able to deal witth individuals at this time as they'll be going flat out supplying branches.
  6. Me three.
  7. In the words of the Immortal Bard, "Feck knows" but as a former poppy day organiser and seller ,my advice would be to contact your local branch who are the ones who actually put poppies in shops etc and supply Poppy Sellers.
  8. Poppy has people? I didn't realise she was that popular or famous. But, seriously, I think that if we want to volunteer to sell poppies, then we should put our names into the RBL at the earliest opportunity and await the forthcoming summons, especially as the original guys selling are getting a bit thin on the ground and the RBL could do with some fresh blood on the streets to bring the charity and the Forces into the public eye once again. There is nothing like a bloke in medals to gain public interest as the Grays Lane Campaign has shown.
  9. Guys

    Anyone in the Portsmouth/Chichester area, PM me, if you want to help, Im your man with the info.
  10. I'll get my people to call your people...................... :D
  11. Dear Piespies

    Short answer: your local rep will probably contact you later in October. If that doesn't happen call 01622 717172

    Long answer:

    Our National Poppy People Campaign runs continuously throughout the year, but is escalated as we draw closer to the Remembrance Period. Once you register your name and address on the RBL website the details come through to us here at the Poppy Appeal and are placed on a centralised database which is then sent to the local County representative(s).

    Contact is then made nearer the time of Remembrance - which falls this year from October 27th until November 11th. In some areas we do have a shortage of representatives in the County and so if you do find yourselves not contacted (hopefully this is rare) can I ask that you call us directly here on 01622 717172 as we do need more volunteers and are extremely grateful for all offers of help.

    Most of all - thanks for signing up!


    The Poppy Appeal Team
  12. I like you just as much without the medals saints! Dozy and I are going down to the Ashtead RBL to offer our services (so to speak) Saints, 2 Pies are you up for it (poppy appeal) PM me for details of when we are heading down.
  13. I signed up last year and got my response last week.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hi. Maybe I can help?

    First off, thanks for asking. No, really. Since at least one of you is GFP.

    First off, you clicked on a website and entered your details, right? And expected a response?

    The RBL is flat out right now with boring logistics. Getting loads of boxes of plastic poppies out to people who want to sell them. A frocking nightmare.

    Your best bet is finding out where your local RBL is, booling up, and saying "Hi, I'd like to help".

    You'll meet some fascinating old coffin dodgers, some OK people and you'll probabally be welcome.

    I hope you have a taste for lemon drizzle cake, I really do.

    If you come across me Auntie Ena and she starts on when ze Chermans bombed Manors station, you're on your own. She is 94 and needs no help from me.