Poppy oneupmanship

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Roger_The_Cat, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Time was people on telly wore the bog standard Haig Fund paper Poppy, a few like Jon Snow refused to be herded into it and you'd get the odd attention seeking cock wearing a white one (there was one of these people Suzzanah Reid's show yesterday)

    This isn't a poppy outrage thread but what's with all the glittery, oversized, customised, broachy poppies on TV these days? Has the Poppy Appeal symbol become the latest celebrity accoutrement? Am I the only one who finds it irritating?
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  2. Respec' innit!
  4. As long as any proceeds go to the RBL, they could paint their faces with a poppy for all it matters.
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  5. Once youv'e sorted out your HTML then you need to find out who had the work ticket for the bus last......
  6. I saw that bloke with the white poppy on Sunday on tv. I just couldn't help meself, I just burst out laughing at him, he looked just so self satisfied, the pratt. People like him just need ignoring, its a free country and they are entitled to their opinions.
  7. Hear! Hear!
  8. What he said. PLUS I bought a posh one for Mrs DN to wear with her best frock for the day. It cost more, so more money to a good cause surely?
    Oh I have a big fuck off one on the DN mobile. Is this oneupmanship? I bought it from the stand in IKEA lots of poppy stuff there, thus more money raised
  9. I suspect they are all too busy thinking "Look at me" to have considered that
  10. Simple solution - he had a white one on cos he is a tosser
  11. I would be happy with people wearing a white poppy if the RBL got some money out of it. As it is I despise the wankers who sport it, not outraged so don't need the bus.
  12. I was forced to watch Stricly dancing bollocks on the telly on Saturday night (by Mrs Balls who isn't allowed out very much) - and the punters all had fancy ass poppies made out of spangly stuff. I bet they were made by the costume department and not a penny went to the RBL.

    Should I be outraged by this or is it a good thing that the act of remembrance is being kept in the public eye? I personally thing the latter
  13. Sorry for my spelling in the last post, I'm not quite awake this morning!
  14. They are official ones apparently, all proceeds to RBL.
  15. not so much poppy oneupmanship between the old firm in glasgow as point scoring
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    as ever, i look forward to the annual open topped outrage buses tour of the city.