Poppy on Mess Dress?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by buggrit, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. As the title says, can any of you AGC wallahs shed some light on where the poppy goes on AGC mess dress?

    Cheers muchly.
  2. Did this last year...

    Poppy goes behind button on No 1 dress hat..

    Not worn on mess kit.
  3. Buggrit - I'm pretty sure that poppies aren't worn on mess dress as there is nowhere to pin them, however I maybe wrong. Anyone else know the answer :?
  4. Cheers fellas. It was a question for someone else. Im not important enough to need to wear mess dress yet :p Not that I'd want to anyway. I mean those trousers look like they go right up your jacksy 8O
  5. If you are SPS you pin it to your right breast on your Mess Kit using your issue Noddy lapel badge
  6. that's part of the appeal
  7. Males wear Forage caps with mess kit, Females do not.

    But... most people don't bother because functions are normally indoors, but if you attend an outdoor event (e.g. beating the retreat) then blokes should take their hats.

    (I know, I'm a spotter)
  8. Bit of a reshow on this thread,

    Are Poppys worn on mess dress?
  9. I say again.. AGAIN


  10. While I agree, I have seen a few mess members wearing the small enamelled poppy pin and it did not look out of place.