Poppy Island

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by the_butler, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Today on Second Life the Royal British legion opened their Island (group of islands) on second life.
    The project is only a temporary one (space rented) for the duration of remembrance.
    I have taken the creators through our setup on RnR island and was congratulated for the work
    RnR islanders have done especially the memorial garden.
    The Legion will be looking for a permanent location on second life if the poppy island is a success
    I am hoping to persuade them to have a presence on RnR.
    Also there is a possible plan afoot to have a virtual brach of the RBL on SL so members who cannot attend can meet online.
  2. Amazing pic , ok if I use it as my descktop at work ?

  3. be my guest
  4. I must say it looks nice. T_B can you send me a LM once on.

  5. Just a few more shots. :D