Poppy Fascism/Fascists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jaygee, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Whilst selling poppies in my (OTC) uniform on Campus today, a group of students were donating and getting their poppies, and one of them turned around and asked one of her mates whether she would buy one, and replied..."sorry no, im a poppy fascit". We have been briefed to leave anyone who doesnt want one, or similar, so i left it, but wondering what on earth that means? (by the way, she was the typical white face, black eye make up etc "individual")
  2. As in so many ways, the 'individual' was following along with a trend. And getting it wrong.

    Mr Jon Snow (C4 News bloke, loud ties, bit foppish) has said he should'nt be made to wear a Poppy while reading the news. Apparently socks that make you cringe and dazzling neckwear are ok, but the quote Poppy Fascists end quote cant make him wear one while he reads his autocue. And yet he wears one on his own time around the house.

    Bit strange.

    Well done you, for banging them out at a University. Surely a provacative move, surrounded as you are by half-baked swirlings of political ideology. Been called a baby-killer yet?

    They were a bit more forceful in my day but that was at Queens, Belfast. :D
  3. I wish my grass was emo, then it would cut itself.
  4. Well, we've had plenty of "i dont support the war" " i dont want to support that liar Blair's war of lies" etc.. Also had plenty of positive responses and educating the foreign students in the whole practice and tradition of Remembrance and the poppies.
  5. All is not lost. My four year old son returned from school yesterday with a poppy.

    "What's a poppy for daddy?" he asked.
    "Its for the soldiers who died for us" I replied

    Holding the poppy up he asked,
    "Which one can this poppy be for then?"

    "All of them mate, all of them" I replied

    Feck I nearly blubbed
  6. It may come as no surprise that when I abandoned my Daily Telegraph this a.m, John Snow's photograph had gained the epithet "I'm a cnut" on his forehead....John, just read the news mate and keep your ******** closed.
  7. I'm selling poppies in the centre of Oxford tomorrow from 10am till noon. I hope no one comes up to me asking bone questions, as I will be hard pressed not to give a heartfelt answer.
    All I can say is Keep safe all those who serve, and God bless and keep those who have died.
  8. Poppies are not about war. They're about caring for the victims of war. It should be compulsory for every person in the UK to donate a quid for a poppy.
  9. I bought one really late this year, purely because I couldn't find one, so to atone I stuck £3 in the Jar for one.

    Has anyone else found that they're a bit thin on the ground this year?

  10. Nope. And if you have a problem I can find you a link to the RBL website where you can donate as much as you want. ;)
  11. I did the exact same thing. I couldn't find one anywhere (and indeed posted on one of the threads about it). Then on Tuesday I was out with a 'friend', deep in conversation in the town centre. I'm talking some balls about how great it is to have girls throwing themselves at my feet because of my posh southern accent (it's not, people keep confusing me for Cockney), when I stopped mid sentance and realised what I'd done.

    It was freezing and I'd walked straight passed the war memorial, and the old woman standing by herself attempting to sell poppies without even giving it a moment's thought. It was with both a combination of relief that I'd finally found one and the sheer shame I held with myself that I had walked straight on, that I took all the money from my wallet to give to her (being a student that's obviously not a very large sum, and is not intended to sound as though I'm trying to look good because I gave money - quite the opposite, I was ashamed to be honest).

    With regards to my fellow students, I have seen quite a few wearing poppies. However, when I asked one of my flatmates if she'd accompany me on Sunday she was thoroughly uninterested. Having said that there are many that are the opposite. For instance the 'friend' I mentioned is not able to attend on Sunday as she is going home for the service in her local town.
  12. My uncle has been selling Poppys in Warrington all week, and has been surprised by how many kids have asked him what he's selling. Also been asked the same by a lot of Polish Immigrants and when he tells them what it's about they try and buy them all and go and get their friends to buy some. The Polish cleaner at works got four on His jacket.
  13. Thats not a bad idea actually, I didn't realise you could do it online. Im just suprised that in my neck of the woods the sellers seem to be a bit thin on the ground.

    As an aside, it appears that it is still dominated by WW2 Veterans, and that there are not members from more recent conflicts "coming through the ranks" so to speak.
  14. I dont think anyone in the media or anywhere should be MADE to buy or wear a poppy, but I feel it is a little odd they dont want to.

    But lets face it this just shows the lack of respect the B'liar's labour party and media generally push/preach, so there is little wonder when it comes back to bit them in the butt!

    Unless we can get back our sence of national pride pretty soon we can expect much more of this! 8O
  15. The wife was in McDonalds in Kngs Lynn on Saturday, during the two minute silence.
    The whole resturant went quiet except for the little kids and a group of foreign students. They kept talking and laughing through the silence. When it had finished the manager went over to the table and ordered them out. One of them said they hadn't finished their burger, to which she replied "TOUGH". Another said "We're not British" to which the manager replied "What part of WORLD war don't you understand. Get out of my resturant now!!!"

    Respect to Ronald McDonald and his crew.