Poppy Facism?

Would just like to open a debate on a matter that is present in the news just now

Except for servicemen, do you think it is right for people being made to wear the poppy?

Personally it makes me feel a bit stabby when I see those fucking lizards on the X-Factor sporting the poppy as if it is some sort of fashion accessory. I would rather TV personalities had a choice, then at least we know that they are truly doing it remembrance of the fallen.

What do you think?
I know what you mean, I saw a pic of Simon Cowell recently with a H4H wristband and I really did wonder if he had it on for that specific shot.
I suspect Simon Cowell has put quite a bit of cash into H4H and RBL and is therefore entitled to wear a wristband and poppy more than you.
Dude, I was just putting forward an opinion and I was not attacking Simon Cowell. Also if I was that rich I would donate loads to H4H and RBL, which I do a lot now anyway but obviously not to his level.
Please tell me you didn't just start a reply with the word "DUDE"

When did this become a surfer's forum?


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I always thought that the whole idea of the poppy was the freedom to wear it or not. The media thing of if we don't wear it we'll get a lot of grief is what I find offensive. Want to wear a poppy, wear a poppy. Don't want to wear the poppy, don't wear it. Better and braver people fought and died to give us the choice........... it's not like it's an easter lilly or anything where the wearing is compulsory.
could be worse.. one of my (now deleted) friends on facebook had her status as wearing my white poppy with pride. Oh really well fuck off and don't wear it near me.
I see Fatty Hattersley has written an article in the Mail,on said subject.

One of the biggest hypocrites to grace the Commons,I would regularly see this "man of the people",wending his weary way to the house,wearing his bespoke Italian suits,and handmade shoes,made my missus ashamed to be from Yorkshire! ;-)

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