Poppy Day launches today!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I shall refrain from wearing the ruby set poppy this year.

    But seriously, this sort of drama is going to do for Poppy Day.
  2. Spotted some MP in the House wearing one.Is this a first?
  3. Guy is a attention whore, if he saw the work that goes on at grass roots level, with holidays for the kids, housing deposits stumped up, white goods, poppy factory, divvy street, car tax paid so people can look for work, pru, the list is endless. And I am sure people don't care if there is s kudos about wearing the poppy, as long as they pay for the privilege.
    As I have said before, people in colchester and Essex get a great legion service, just wish there was more of them,
  4. I saw a woman wearing one in Broad St, Oxford, midday
    yesterday :roll:
  5. Personal Opinion: I don't give a crap when people wear a poppy so long as they chuck the cash in the tin. I tend to stick to what I did as a serving soldier and wear one from 1st November till Remembrance Sunday .... but I don't care when people wear them otherwise.

    Come to think of it, I don't care if they don't wear one .... Freedom of choice!
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  6. Hey bro's, but I give (on both sides of the pond) and I don't wear a poppy. It's a silent thing for me.
    I was honored a few years ago when the veterans in my village asked me to walk with them on Remembrance day to lay the poppy wreaths at the war memorial in the center of the village, I wore my uniform and felt a brotherhood with the fellow soldiers. I still wear my Barret proudly as the uniform no longer fits properly.
    I guess my point is "Why advertise you gave, just give as so many hero's are pushed aside."
  7. Well done trout.

    Does your headdress have an effective range of 1800m or is it a 3 bedroom detached.
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  8. Do you still dream about being the door gunner in Full Metal Jacket ?

    Git some...git some...come on ....ah ha....

  9. Bloody hell, with your reasonableness you are displaying a marked ignorance of the basic rules of poppy nazism.
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  10. Wake up dude, that Viet Nam shit was before my time. And does Light Infantry door gun?
  11. Is it worth getting comfy for this one??? :)
  12. I'll go grab some popcorn and a couple of beers, save my seat.
  13. I don't think it's been hijacked or commercialised at all. Now I'm off to Maccas for a McPoppy meal.
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