Poppy Collection Tin stolen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldbaldy, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Words fail me!
  2. If this no mark scumbag is going for fireworks as well as RBL boxes I suggest that some sapper types booby the firework stock and then we can all enjoy the security video of the thief's demise as a "Live Fawkes" - it would bring a new meaning to the phrase "Penny for the guy" Let him burn!

    I hope they catch him and the scum gets everything he deserves.
  3. Tied to a Catherine Wheel would be favourite, perhaps with a lump of PE for a rousing finale...

    Having said that... I wouldn't mind being tied to a few Catherines I know...
  4. I think you've got something there. I'd put up a hefty RBL donation to see a thieving scumbag set alight!
  5. hung , drawn and fukcing quartered would be too good. maybe a bit of chemical castration.
  6. Fingers cut off, nothing else will work with this sort of filth.
  7. Reality is he wont get caught and even if he does he will get a suspended sentence at worst.

    Time for a bit of vigilante justice I think
  8. a complete scumbag!
    hope he gets caught and hung
  9. Suggest sitting said scumbag to the top of suitably sized rocket and seeing how loud a whoosh/bang he provides :lol:

    Failing that I would nominate him for astronaut the next time Top Gear build their Space Shuttle The Reliant II
  10. This is totally appalling
  11. But nothing will happen it never does. it will be against his human rights!
  12. I am appalled by the reactionary and draconian posts regarding this case. Like a pack of hounds baying for blood. Frankly you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This is almost certainly a young lad who has had no guidance whatsoever in his life, minimal education and probably has a drug or alcohol problem. He may have been abused and was certainly neglected by his parents. Kids like this are often in a very precarious housing situation, being one short step from homelessness and have no means of earning a living other than crime.

    Calls to have him dismembered or mutilated are utterly despicable and ressemble the sadistic rantings of a gangster or paramilitary enforcer.

    A prison sentence will only compound this lads problems. What he clearly needs is community service.

    In Afghanistan.

    With the Grenadier Guards.

    Doing ammo and water resupply to forward platoons.

    And some mine clearing.

    Under the personal 24hr supervision of a large Fijian.

    Who has been carefully briefed about this young man's offending behaviour and his personal role in the delinquents rehabilitation.....
  13. Mine clearing is a very challenging technical task.

    It requires specialist tools, like the Mk 1 Clearer, Mines (penal battalion issue).

  14. Every year we hear these stories. These little b@stards still rob from charity boxes because they know that in Broon's Britain(TM) there is little chance of them being hunted, let alone caught.

    Even if by some miracle they did get caught there are a hundred lawyers lining up to explain how hard life has been, how badly treated he was at school (when they were brave enough to attend) and how Mummy beat them, and Daddy abused them before running off with the local hooker.

    Net result is one b@stard being let off and given charity for stealing from charity.

    grumble grumble, moan moan, death's too good for them...
  15. when they catch the lowlife/lives! Take them to the rememberance day parade at the cenotaph and make them publically apologise to the people who recieve help from the poppy appeal! :evil: