Poppy collection thief get's a year in the clink...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Where has this idiot been for the past 29 years of his life...

    Mind you he is from Blackburn..

    Blackburn poppy tin thief jailed for a year (From Lancashire Telegraph)

  2. Stealing collection tins is nothing new it's easy pickings for a thief.
  3. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    sure sign of a recession , that and more drug dealing on street corners .
  4. Its a very common thing as I stated above, only Poppy tins seem to outrage the press. But as a few people on here know I am the real Paul Blart and see charity tin thefts happen several times a year here. We alway recommend they be prominent on the counters and not stuck in a nook.
    We also recommend chaining them down, but you wouldn't be surprised to learn they still get plonked out the way not secured to anything.
    The last Charity tin theft we had here was of a Marie Curie tin and on checking cctv it had been stolen three days earlier. 3 days with staff not noticing.
  5. So 6 months max in prison slurping down the daily methadone, but more than likely out on tag in 3-4 months due to overcrowding and the fact it's a non-violent offence. The fact he appeared via videolink for sentencing means he's probably spent a decent portion of his sentence already. Happy days.

    Seems the courts didn't want to give him more due to not sending him to Crown. He'll be out soon doing the same thing for his daily fix.
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  6. What we need is 'taser tins'. (Patent pending).

    They are tins that will take cash, but when they are stolen they taser the victim, before a flash bang/CS/purple dye charge goes off and an screach emitter let's rip with a ear splitting siren.
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  7. What we need is the ******* death sentence for drug dealers.
  8. That would work, and the automatic seizing of their assets (assumption being they've been earnt from the 'trade'.

    But I don't think the pinkos nor the EU will let us.
  9. Nah. RBL just needs a new generation of collectors.


    Was that a Euro you slipped in there ya stingy bastard?​

    Had lunch with a mate recently at his works canteen. There was a little note up at the cash register - from the RBL thanking them for the £138 raised by the poppy collecting tin they agreed to take.

    There are over three thousand people working on his site.
  10. The report in the Torygraph said he had been beaten up twice while on remand - honour amongst thieves and all that.
  11. Sad thing is, he seems to have been failed by the system... he hasn't reformed.
  12. Indeed it is, my own junkie brother nicked one, still he is ex, kind of balances itself out really!
  13. We had a Poppy tin stolen by a walt from a bank in town last year,staff that handed it over said he had a blazer,beret and medals on etc,walt Poppy theif!