Poppy Calls

I'm note to sure where this should go, so I'll leave that to the blessed Mods.
There is an outfit called Poppy Calls, part of the British legion and as the name implies funded in the same way by putting you hard earn'dosh in the red tin.
Basically they are there to sort out your home (no decorating or gardening) when you can't fix things anymore. They also sort out requests for railing to assist you into your home. To give you an idea of what they can do, they have for me, dusted my paving slabs with cement powder, fixed the architrave around one of the doors in the house, drill out a faulty window lock, install rails to help me get in and out of my home and garden. Latest case is to make safe an overhanging roof which was attached to my garage, and which my insurance declined to do, as I haden't maintained the inside of the roof were I couldn't get at to maintain it anyway.
I got injured in Oman in 1975, but didn't find out to how bad until 3 years ago.
RBL, also sorted out my War Pension
As I said they are part,of the RBL, and as such you only have to had served 7 days in any of the services to access there help.

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