Poppy burning Facebook man meets Armed forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. What's a squadey?
  2. What a ******* joke.

    So some muppet who looks like a prick does something some people don't like, and says a nasty word on the internet and the police decide to arrest him and waste time and money making him walk around saying sorry. He burnt something he had brought, and then made an immature comment about it. I make more pathetic comments on this website every time I come on.

    I wish I was rich enough to have people to help me avoid paying taxes, because stories like this would make me want to ever more than the greed.

    And to think the hook handed Hamza **** was allowed to preach whatever he wanted at his Mosque and the police gaurded it...

    Whoever reported him needs to get a ******* life. He/she must be a right laugh on the piss if they find that genuinely so offensive they call the police about it.
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  3. To be fair, if someone burned a poppy in front of me, I wouldn't report them to the police...

    ... I'd just break their jaw on the spot.
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  4. If he burnt my poppy I'd kill him. I've been using the same one for the last decade. Has saved me a fortune in small change.
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  5. If someone did it in front of my I'd thank them for buying one and donating money to Legion. It's not worth being offended about something so pathetic.

    It's about as mature as 10 year olds waving at you when driving and then sticking a middle finger up when the mum isn't looking

    A "Detective Sergeant" dealt with "the investigation". Now I'm not an expert on the police, but I know that's a hight rank that usually deals with serious crimes like bad assaults and rapes. Instead of doing that, they jumped on the outrage bus and wasted time on this.
  6. I have a small collection of them in the cabinet. You can have one. Only one mind.. They have got to last me the next ten years.
  7. So thats your input into burning a poppy around Rememberance Sunday .....Words fail me...really
  8. I wouldn't call defiling the memory of the thousands who died defending the right for people to have free speech pathetic. I'd call it downright offensive.
  9. No thanks. I've got a well ally one with beer stains and everything!
  10. Indeed. He's clearly a massive prick, but then so are at least 20% of the population of this country, and it's going to take a **** of a long time to arrest all of them.

    Whatever happened to sticks and stones?
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  11. You Sir, are a disgrace.

    The little metal ones will last a lifetime....
  12. Fair one. I take the "and everything" is curry stains?
  13. It is.

    That Poppy is about respecting what others have done for this country. If someone doesn't want to do that then let them. If they want to be a **** about it, let them. Plenty of blood has been spilt giving us the right to be pricks and I feel that is what is important.

    He hasn't hurt anyone. No one has lost anything. And I actually would rather live in a country where you can express an opinion and not being dragged out of your home by the police.
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  14. By the look of him he was prob touched by an AI in the cadets and has fostered a hate for all things services from then lol
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