Poppy burners arrested

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by foggy_balla, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. ****ing idiots.
  2. What a bunch of cowardly shit ****'s! Happens every year in some form of another. I never tire of looking down at this scum!
  3. We have a ****ing poppy outrage thread in the NAAFI for this.
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  4. To mis-quote a complete plank. Miseducation miseducation miseducation.
  5. Shower of bastards, disgraceful behaviour.
  6. Are people really outraged about this?
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  7. I presume that they bought it, in which case the paper and plastic served its intended purpose. Hopefully, they'll buy another one.

    I can't get outraged. What do the rest of you do with yours? Collect them reverently in a scrap book?

  8. You throw yours away? They'll get destroyed in landfill I'm calling the coppers.
  9. get your ****ing heads heads down!! Who gives a flying **** and why are authorities acting on this shit.

    Surely they have some burglas and rapist to catch (thank you daily mail cliche)
  10. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    The Provinces of British India, being imperial colonies of the United Kingdom, were by default a part of the Allied nations and sent over two million troops to fight against the Axis powers. Additionally, several Indian Princely States provided large donations to support the Allied campaign during the War.

    British Indian Army of Undivided India accounted for 74,187 who died. (WW I)

    87,000 Indian soldiers died in WW II.

    It is only fitting that we remember their sacrifices!

    They were Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and so on!

    It is a disgraceful act to sully their memory and sacrifice.
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  11. Follow Jarrod's lead. Iron and starch it and put it somewhere safe for next year!
  12. Nope! I mentally counteract the outrage with thoughts of the huge numbers of folk (all over the world) who wear theirs with pride.
  13. This has become one of those headline grabbing seasonal things hasn't it? Next (if my memory serves) it will be the "let's call Christmas Winterfest" or some such crap.
    Ignore the c***s. (But they do advertise the poppy appeal)
  14. I can't really say I'm outraged at this event.

    As I was reading this thread though I was slowly shredding the 11 poppies I had on my desk.

    Arrest me you precious *****.