Poppy burner fined

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CivvyPete, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. guilty good but 50 ******* quid, I bet the ***** laughing his bollocks off

    EDIT: to put this in perspective I used to give out £75 fines for dropping litter
  2. He said his wages were £480 a month, on top of which he recieves a monthly £792 in benefits from the state.

    That's kind of us!
  3. just read that fuckign hell how very nice of us, still its not all bad he has to also pay

    well that makes it all right then doesn't it, so pissed off at this
  4. According to another report I read (OK it was in the paper we are not allowed to mention) the two defendants didn't even appear at the court. Is that now an option - plead not guilty but not bother turning up? Surely that in itself should be considered contempt of court.
  5. So in effect we are paying the fine. Aren't we just ace.
  6. is it the one named after a large ball of fire?
  7. If he'd parked on a double yellow it would have been £60.

  8. Stop the ***** benefits, if he objects to OUR way of life, **** off back to whichever shithole he or his parents come from!
  9. What on earth does he claim benefits for? He looks pretty capable of working ... although, who would want to employ such filth ...
  10. That's the problem, he probably is from here but doesn't want to go where he apsires to be, so he'll keep milking us.
  11. tax credits etc. if your in a "low payed" job you can request help to top you up to a living wage
  12. I imagine he claims benefits so he doesn't have to work for a living.
  13. erm, thanks Jarrod. Maybe I should be more clear .... what is his reason for not being able to work (in order to claim benefits) ... how does he justify not being able to work?
  14. he does work just P/T and claims benefits to top up his earnings