Poppy behind the capbadge

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by BadManners, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Overhearing a discussion this morning has prompted me to investigate further.
    Can anyone explain which way the poppy should be presented when worn behind the capbadge?

    Is it:

    a) Large petal to the top


    b) Small petal to the top

    I have always placed the poppy with the large petal to the top but am at a loss as to explain further other than it naturally grows that way.

  2. a) Large petal to the top.
  3. I always assumed it was small part to the top as thats the way the RBL seem to print it on most of their literature and website.

  4. Do the right thing and get two poppies, place them opposite ends up and the effect is a nice, rounded, symmetrical appearance.
  5. anwer in bold
  6. Many thanks for the replies gents, but can anyone specify why it is to the top/bottom?
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  7. Good Grief, get a bloody life!
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  8. In the RA I have always been told large part at bottom becuase of the "triangular" shape of the capbadge, the other way round looks pants

    BTW is everyone wearing them already or does it start tomorrow ?
  9. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    I agree with Wellyhead. Big petal to the bottom.

    The correct time to start wearing them is 14 days before Remembrance Sunday, irrespective of the date that falls on.

    I think this is based on Charity Commission rules of how long poppies can be on sale for, so as not to deprive other charities.
  10. I know they "went on sale" at the w/e, but have always thought that the day to start wearing them (in your beret) was 01 Nov, mate has just confirmed to me that they start tomorrow, I ask as its a drill night tonight
  11. Okay, just to add to the confusion, up here in Jockland we only get poppies with 4 petals!
  12. could it depend on the cap badge?
    As has been said, with some badges it looks daft with large petal on the top, not only that the poppy tends to fold and crumple.
  13. Actually I'm sure REME wear theres the other way round, which would make sense due to the shape of their capbadge
  14. For some absurd reason our Badge told us that this year we have to wear them on our L/H shirt pocket and only on Remembrance Sunday will they be moved to behind our cap badge to allow for gongs to be worn. This is a 1st for me (well first time in 14 years anyway).

    Thought only officers and seniors supported this method.

  15. Yep agree with you there, so far i have seen several members of different units wearing the full poppy on the L/H pocket rather than wearing the petal behind the capbadge.
    In my opinion i find this pathetic, what better way for a soldier to show respect than wear it behind his capbadge.
    Is this a new fad? or has somebody i.e a "Dress Standards Comittee" sanctioned this.
    With respect to your last comment, officers have to wear it full as most wear a cloth capbadge in the beret.
    Seniors normally wear it behind the badge the same as OR's less the Badge as he has a cloth capbadge too in most cases.