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This is more aimed at the MODs just now. Would it be possible to set up our own donation site for the RBL Poppy Fund? I realise that there are the official sites, but I am sure that many of our overseas members may wish to help out in the usual friendly manner. Also some of our own members may wish to donate this way. Someone could then channel the funds to RBL England & Scotland (plus Wales & NI if they have separate sections).

I know it is a bit too late and will take some doing but I thought I should ask.

If it is possible, can it stay at No1 on the top forums or on the Home page so that it is easily recognisable and easy to use.

Sorry for the hassle on a Friday pm but it is just a thought.
It is going to be difficult X-Inf

I have been talking with RBL today, and the earliest anyone can give any sort of decision is Monday.

I don't think it will be possible. The quickest thing to do, would be to hotlink to the RBL donations page.
Front page now has a link to the RBL poppy appeal. To be honest I think that is as far as we want to go..... trying to collect money and then forward it would be a lot of hassle when people are better off just handing it over directly themselves.

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