Poppy Appeal - Donate £1.50 by text


I was made aware of a new way to support the Poppy day appeal today - text the word poppy to a 5 fig fast text number & you receive a link to a mobile wall paper of a poppy.

The idea being in this text culture why not jump on the band wagon & get some youngster to do it.

Now I’ve done this myself & think it’s just a different way to show support, but can I find the number again :( So if anyone else is aware of the text number, do us a favour & post it. Ta
DozyBint said:
I don't want to be alarmist, but I've looked on the RBL donation site and it doesn't mention anything about text. I hope that this isn't some low-life scum trying to rip people off.
it does indeed sound like some lowlife scumbag trying to rip poeple off. i haven't heard anything about text donations from anybody.
I found the number 85099 it was in the national press attached to a story about the work the British Legion do. However I ran the number through Google & its taken me to a site called Pocketworld & now it all looks very suspect.

Ive contacted the British Legion with the information & will post there reply
Nice to see they took the idea I outlined out to them last year , this year.

All in a good cause.
All's well then - it just seems odd that it wasn't mentioned on their website and not being in the UK, I didn't know if it had been advertised by the RBL by other means.

Edited to add: Very odd, but the main RBL website publicizes the text option but the RBL donation site that I visited last night does not!

I recieved the following emails from the British Legion Today.

Subject: RE: Poppy by text


Sorry for the delay in replying. I can assure you that this is an initiative supported by and on behalf of the Legion. The details in the Sun are correct and I hope this note eases your concerns. Thanks for your support


Stuart Gendall
Director of Corporate Communications
The Royal British Legion, 48 Pall Mall, London SW1 5JY

Tel: 020 7973 7296 Fax: 020 7973 7239 Mob: 07966 548232

e-mail: sgendall@britishlegion.org.uk

Subject: RE: Poppy by text

Good morning, I hope you are well.
Thank you for your email. Yes, I can confirm that the Poppy download to mobile phones is a bona fida initiative that the Legion is running. The article in The Sun yesterday advertised how to download it and it has raised a considerable sum to go towards The Poppy Appeal 2005.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to come back to me.
Best regards
Danny Greenwood

So all appears well.
I got the service message link returned immediately and was able to download it instantly.

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