Poppy Appeal 2007

A subject very close to all our hearts at this time of year, now I among many of us on here have lost loved ones being either friends or family. And as such a seemingly small act of remembrance just once a year on a special day is good, this is not in dispute.
What i do dispute is that monies raised from the poppy appeal this year are going more specifically towards welfare for servicemans families who have being killed or wounded in "recent" conflicts, again I do not have a problem with the direction of any aid or assistance this way, however the fact is The Haig fund as it used to be called (is it still?) is a charity, which means that it is choice for anyone to donate to its funds and therefore after overheads there is a finite amount of funds that can be distributed in the appropriate respectful manner.
Now on to my rant, we have another large body in this country of which we all donate to, and not through choice, some of us pay more into it than others however it ammasses (sp) a rather large sum of money that is often poorly distributed into the wrong areas.
Of course I am talking about Her Majesty's Government, Do they not or should they not have a duty of care in place that ensures the ongoing lives of those who have loved lost or cared/care for a member of our armed forces? And if that is the case well why is a charitable organisation having to make a special dispensation due to HMG shortfalls?
Sorry folks I have had to word this carefully and diplomatically but it reall grips my sh1t when the employer and sole reason that any person who is/has suffered any loss in any conflict does not get support from the people that employed them in the first place.
I do hope everyone agrees I have a fair point.

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