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Poppins, Mary Poppins - Spy for N.A.N.N.I.E.S.

Gawd.. how stupid could we be?.. Everyone watching for Islamic Jihadist Insurectionists when the threat was right under our noses... the Nefarious Association on Nannies Intent on Economic Sabotage have struck twice in a fortnight crippling two governments..

first British Home secretary, David Blunkett goes down gored by the reveleation he tried to slip a visa under the table to the nanny of his ex-lover...

Then, in the US.. Bernard Kerik, Dubya's choice for Homeland Security Czar is sliced and diced by the revelation he tried to stiff the taxman over his ' illegal nanny '..

and they aren't the first...

NANNIES has had many successes.. Linda chavez, Bush's choice for Labour Minister - shot down over failing to mention an illegal Guatamalan nanny.. Kimba Wood, nominee for Attorney-General under Clinton - ' illegal nanny '..same with her sucessor, Zoe Baird ..

the pattern is there, now, for all to see.. they infiltrate the upper class and the powerful.. all smiling and humbly polishing the kids' apples for school , but really listening in a doors and hovering around conversations 'round the BBQ.. with the little love notes and care packets sent back to hubby and the kids..goes coded intel..Dad jumps on the second hand computer, the nany's boss kindly gave her to help ' educate the children ' ,and he's day trading and selling insider info bringing down the super powers and corrupting multi-nationals...

oh, its worse, my friends.. no one knows what brainwashing they are giving the kids when they stroll about the park meeting their counterparts in other households.. While mom and dad are out powering the economy, they are indoctrinating the children.. think about it.. Junior grows up and inherits the business.. what does he do?.. why, in the interest of ' increasing shareholder value, of course, he moves the corporation ' offshore '..where?.. Why to the homelands of the nanny!!.. Guatamala, Honduras, Korea, Singapore, Phillipines, etc....Can't you see that pattern??..

its insidious and its working...

If Blair wasn't busy dodging bullets in Iraq and Bush not up to his ears in trying to save Rumsfeld's wobbly bits from rabid Republicans .. I'm sure Tom Ridge and his Brit counterpart would have reported this sooner.. it may already be too late...

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