Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bensonby, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. They must be on sale already....(the politicos are already wearing them) but I havn't seen any about.... Are there less volunteers out and about selling them or am I a bit early?
  2. I got 2 in my daughters nursery this morning, they have sticky backs rather than the usual pin design this year.
  3. we have just started to fill our boxes and send them out.
  4. officially sold from 28 October
    ... knowing the politicians of today, they probably are wearing poppie they bought in 1979 :(

  5. our school ones are sticky backed the rest are normal pinned ones
  6. Just don't bother buying one.....make one out of old red card.
  7. Think that might be just for nursery, the one I got at work on Monday is secured with a pin.
  8. Poppies are made available to the media and the Great and the Good well before the hoi polloi!

  9. None knocking around York Bks out here in Munster yet, theres a Legion on camp so hopefully they'll be out soon.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Got one last night at The Ritz in London. Thought I was the man taking soon to be Mrs Ravers for a drink in there. Then the bill arrived. £34 quid for two glasses of Champagne. WTF.

    Got my poppy though.
  11. May I claim the first Poppy of October? Robin Gibb on BBC1 this morning.

    Nice touch, I thought.

    ............that's if he paid for it :x
  12. Apologies - in this area we are starting poppy sales to the public on Saturday 25 October. :blush:
  13. Sorrry, that claim can be taken by me as an employee of the Govt, an MP, was wearing one on yesterdays lunchtime news on BBC1.
  14. Coming out with a statement like that, you will do well if you join the Army......show some respect you little sh1tbag.
  15. My boxes are going out this week. However, there is also a lack of volunteers in certain areas. If you cant find poppies nearer the time perhaps it might be worth doing your bit for a few hours?

    The sticky backed ones are being tried out this year.