Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by wg100, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm over in the US at the moment and will be over Remembrance Sunday. Would like to wear a poppy in the run up and possibly also get the other people from the UK to wear them too.
    Is there a source for poppies out here that anyone knows of? Or can someone send a bunch out? I'll then collect up the dosh to get it back to appropriate charity - presume the RBL?
  2. British embassy or consulate will have them
  3. Failing that give RBL Workshops at Aylesford a ring:

    Tel: 01622 717172 or Fax 01622 715768

    Address is

    Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
    The Royal British Legion Village
    ME20 7NX

    This is the contact point for 'Mail Order' Poppies, Crosses and Wreaths.

    Anyone else with problems. This is your best starting point.

  4. Where are you in the USA? Florida has a very good RBL and poppy setup and so do another couple of states. Depends if where you are has a large concentration of expats.
  5. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona. Contacts in the USA appreciated as there isn't a great deal of time until 11 Nov.
  6. Your nearest British Consulate is in LA: CLICKY
  7. For those in Scotland, there is Poppy Scotland.Same great cause but helps those in Scotland as the RBL fund doesnt.
    Give Isla Campbell-Lupton a call on 0141 221 8141
    New Haig House
    Logie Green Rd
    EH7 4HR


    Damn shame that it's not all in one big fund but since they're not just thought i'd give the Scottish one a plug too :D
  8. Just for the record 'Poppy Scotland' was formed as the The Earl Haig Fund Scotland in 1921 at the same time as The Earl Haig Fund. To raise funds particuly for ex-serviceman in Scotland. It is not that the RBL does not fund Scotland, only that Poppy Scotland raises its own funds.
  9. I don't want to get into an argument with you.However go take a look at the RBL website. Take a look at the county locator you will see there is NO provision for Scotland, although there is for NI and Wales.Hence the existence of RBL Scotland, which receives funds from PoppyScotland. As I said previously it would be nice if it was all in one big pot, unfortunately it's not.



    edited to add: lifted from the SSAFA flag book; The Royal British Legion provides assistance worldwide (except in Scotland) in a number of ways.............
  10. I don't disagree with you. RBL Scotland is separate from the RBL and always has been since the RBL was formed in 1921, It was Scotland's own choice to do so. That is why the RBL does not fund Scotland, Scotland funds itself!

    And yes, I would also like to see them combined as well.

    As I am married to a Scot and and lived in Edinbough for a number of years, I am a member of BOTH Legions I am well aware of the differance.
  11. Thanks for that info. I phoned them up and they were very helpful. Someone is going to pop some poppies in the post for me.
  12. Is there consular coverage for deepest Essex?

    I haven't seen any poppies on sale here yet! :?
  13. Nor in Hertfordshire.
  14. RBS Banks are doing it early