Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. Ok
    Where can i get a poppy for next month
    i'm in the southwest,and i ain't seen a one displayed anywhere
    Poor show from shopkeepers or am i a bit quick off the mark?
  2. Poppies and Trafalgar Day next Friday.
    Lifes looking up
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Darthspud. I think you are being a bit harsh on the shopkeepers!
    The RBL rely on volunteers to go round all the shops/pubs/clubs ect to deliver poppies & collecting tins.
    This takes time and most of the volunteers are getting on a bit.
    Why don't you contact your local RBL Branch & volunteer to help? I am sure you will be made most welcome.
    :D :D
  4. The old and bold from the Airborne were out in force at London Bridge station on Friday morning.
  5. I've seen some boxes knocking around. Never to early I say.

    Apart for those white ones!!! Do they still do them?
  6. As I understand it, the RBL have guidelines that ask people not to sell them too early. There are a few, very few, outlets that are allowed to sell them all year round, but they generally get 'released' about November 1st.
  7. Sold them last year myself and there was a strict ruling that they couldn't be put on display before a certain date. As far as I could gather it was a legal requirement placed on the RBL.

    Didn't stop me blagging donations off customers though - and they still came back to buy a poppy once they were on display :)
  8. Why? Because the vast majority of poeple would rather pay a nugget or two to an old bloke who did his bit than some of the other so called charitys around today.
  9. I donate to every person I see holding a tin collecting for a poppy, in total I can't say what it is, but I feel satisfied at the end of it I have donated enough
  10. I travelled into work this morning across london in the rush hour and counted a grand total of 16 people wearing poppys.....................thats bad!!
  11. Same drills here.
    I was pleasantly suprised to see loads of Poppy People out in force at Liverpool Street Station yesterday - looked like a classic manueverist operation. Good effort.
    Loads of City types sporting poppies as well as several attractive young ladies. Also I was pleased to see youngsters talking to the Old and Bold who were rattling the tins- cheered me up no end!

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