Poppies. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheIronDuke, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The Good.

    First poppy of the year – Tourist Information on Princes Street, Edinburgh outside Waverly Station. The lady told us she couldn’t offer pins because of H&S but she kept a few under the counter if we’d like? Bless you pet lamb.

    But the real good? Places you don’t expect to see them. Behind the bar in a Raver type nightclub in Manchester 4 years ago. Cant remember its name but a few of the gum chewing drug scummers were buying them.

    The Bad

    A large convenience store on Salters Road, Newcastle, last year.

    (Him) “We don’t have room so we don’t sell them”

    (Me) “No, you don’t. You offer them to the public and they contribute to the RBL. And I find I don’t have room in the car for this basket of stuff nor the 20 fags on your counter. Have a nice day”

    The Ugly

    My mood as I strolled back to the car.
  2. The 'good' for me is each year when I get mine there is invariably a parent explaining to a wide-eyed pre-school sprog why we wear poppies. Some of the information may not be historically accurate, but the sentiment is there.
  3. The guy's who sell them outside our local tesco are very smart, Ones an ex WWII Para and the other is ex RRF. Decent blokes, both of them
  4. The Good

    A corner shop round my way which is named after an architectural delight of the NWF. Always the first place I see them. The owner has a certificate proudly displayed behind the counter thanking him for his contribution to an Old Comrades' Association of the Queen's Lancs. I asked him why them and he proudly declared in broad Punjabi tones "They're my local Regiment". Restores my faith in humanity each time I see it.

    The Bad

    Teenage skateboarders using the steps of the War Memorial as a jumping-off point. The little b*stards even shifted the wreath as it interfered with their playtime. Wouldn't have happened in my home town, they'd have had more sense. And better survival instincts.

    The Ugly

    The way the scene was heading until the police turned up and dispersed them.
  5. The good: my employers happy to have the box out on main reception in plenty of time - in fact I'd better find out when it's due.

    The bad: the alleged thieving scrote member of staff who can't be bothered contributing and steals poppies.

    The ugly: if I catch him. Didn't last year but...

    (n.b. allegedly also was nicking the Gt Ormond St sweety bags things)
  6. Was that the store closer to Gosforth High Street or the Kenton end? I might have a wander up there after a pint in the Hotel and bring some round for the owner if he still hasn't got any in.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The one on the left just past the mini roundabout if you're walking North from the Hotel. I fully intend to repeat the performance this year with a basket crammed with groceries if he hasnt seen the light.
  8. May have to recce it later this week and make the point too, especially if that's still his attitude. If we both go in on different days he might start to see the light. Might take a box round anyway.
  9. Went in to my local bank today there was a box to pick up a poppy and give a little donation as i had other business to attend to there were a Asian lady and gentlemen sat by the side of me as soon as they saw me picking up the poppies they started speaking in urdu .

    So me being the person i am walked up to the couple and said "assalamu ‘alaikum" ("Peace be upon you"). ... and handed them two poppies and explained this is what we donate money to honour our fallen british soldiers etc in the u.k and help R.B.L.
    There reply was thank you and they took them from me .
  10. The good, big car poppy attached to my landy

    The bad, overheating because it covered the radiator

    I'd never have made it in the REME lol
  11. the good
    the old man in the town centre, sitting in his wheel chair, blanket over his legs, glasses with the bit of string so when he takes them off he doesnt lose them. box of poopies on his lap and money box in hand, same place every year every day i walked past him a 8am got a poppy, got a 'thank you' and a smile on my way home at 4:30pm and he was getting ready to go home (he had a carer with him, she waits with him all day to, so hats off to her aswell)

    the bad
    people in a rush walking past him, the man who knocked the poopies on the floor and didnt help pick them up. (cross over to the good, the few people who stopped and picked them up for him)

    the ugly

    the look the old man gave the nob who knocked the poopies over
  12. I ran the Poppy Appeal for my RBL branch last year in a West London Borough. A move 341 miles north this year means I will probably have to take a lesser role but anything I can do to help and all that.

    Anyway my take on it.

    The Good
    The amounts of cash raised by all the local schools many of which were on the phone asking where their boxes are even before we have received them from Maidstone. Special Mention goes to Guru Nanak school in Southall which just fell within our boundary. Despite being a sikh faith school they were as keen as any other school about getting involved and were amongst the top 5 for contributions raised. The same is also true of some of our smaller shopkeepers in the area some of which may have attended this same school. One chap in the sub post office put together a whole display with pictures of Afghan and Iraq in support of our troops and asking for donations.

    The Bad

    A certain national shopping chain not allowing our collectors access. Of course I cannot name it here but it is a National household wares chain that sets up in old supermarkets and in some cases cinema's. back to the good But again special mention to the local Tesco and Sainsbury's who puled out all the stops to ensure our collectors were not left out in the cold and were provided a seat and table and cups of tea known and again. I am sure some of the other big names in the supermarket line would have been just as accommodating if they were in that area and we needed access.

    The Ugly

    The letter sent to the head office of the chain mentioned above. In their defence they did send a grovelling apologetic letter saying the manager had not followed national direction and promising a more 'directed approach' this year.

    Remember this year when you make your donation and pin your poppy on the person selling it is more likely not to have served the crown than has and are giving up their time for the charity. Pause a moment and thank them for their contribution I am sure they will certainly appreciate it.
    One of our most prolific collectors has for more years than I care to remember manned the collection point in the local Tesco's. Despite being in his mid 80's he arrives at about half past nine and leaves after 5. He even does overtime on the Fridays as he knows it is a busy shopping night. Over the years he will have raised single handedly many, many tens of thousands of pounds. He doesn't have the honour of wearing any campaign medals he cannot even sport a regimental or corps badge. He doesn't qualify for a veterans badge as during the war years 39 -45 he worked for Great Western Railways in what was considered a 'reserved occupation', despite all this he wears his RBL badge with pride and works tirelessly for the charity.
  13. Class
  14. The Good: My son's school which has them on sale early and reminds parents in the weekly newsletter that children should bring a donation for their poppy, observes the silence if its on a school day and also makes sure that the pupils fully understand why they wear poppies.

    The Bad: The scummy new age hedge monkey mother who not only told her children to boycott the wearing of a poppy (that I can understand although not condone) but then started harassing other children on their way into school telling them that poppies glorified baby killers (Back to good) the Headmaster gave her very short shrift and warned her off the premises, he's a proper old school-headmaster.

    The Ugly: The spotty pasty fat arsed beatch mentioned above and her unwashed, ill disciplined social misfit kids - nobody plays with them and nobody will go to their house because it smells of cabbage and pi$$
  15. Once had a very senior engineer turn up to work with a white poppy, and then start lecturing the lab on why they shouldn't buy poppies.

    Head of lab (ex R Sigs staffie) asked the individual if he believed in peace, and when the guy said yes, told him in no uncertain terms that he believed in war and if the cnut didn't lose the white thing quick he would show him what he meant by the application of force.

    White poppyman removed poppy and complained to the Personnel Manager (TA Major) who told him to fcuk off.