Poppies sold and worn in the US?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by cheesypoptart, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. A bit late now, but on Saturday my wife casually mentioned that back in MN they wear poppies for Veterans Day. Never heard of that. But since I live in the ungodly Northeast, I'm probably cut off from reality. Anyone know whether my missus is talking bollocks again?
  2. I heard this too from the RBL in Florida. They are smaller than our ones and the tradition has died out pretty much but yes they were worn.
  3. I know they wear them in Canada, as for the yanks, I think she might be pulling your leg. I haven't seen a single american wear a poppy. Although I reckon they'd give yoou a GPS if you wanted to trade a poppy with them.

    But don't quote me on that.
  4. just heard from a friend of mine @ crab air, who is out playing in the sand pit with the septics.

    this is from the email he sent me:
  5. I can well remember when I lived in Chicago in 80/81 and attended Remembrance Ceremonies (and totally marvellous they were too!) that practically all the Septics had poppies on their lapels or in other locations. Poppies were also very freely available all over the place and people donated absolute fückin' shiteloads of cash to the vendors!

    Mind you, it might be a bit different now. Bush the Berk an' all!

  6. Yeah Bugsy i think it is different now. One comment I heard when i asked a Yank what Rememberance day meant , was "I don't know, I must have slept through it"
  7. I wore my poopy on Friday to an event at the Italian Embassy in DC. Two Americans asked me what it was . Ironically both were US Navy veterans. One of the Carabinieri asked me what it was, and a third American (non-Veteran) thanked me for wearing it. A local American Legion was selling them at a Wal-Mart ner my hometown in Pennsylvania, and I believe several American Legions sell them here in the DC area.
  8. I don't think we're talking about the same thing yank_eyetie? I think you may have revealed a little too much of your Friday night activities.....
  9. FFS! give the man a break, nips! Yank_eytie, hai fatto bene, molto bene! Gratulatione!!! Di pue non lo posso dire!

  10. -Yes.... of course, it's Bush's fault for that too :roll: Typical BDS sufferer

    As for wearing Poppies in the USA;


    Both the VFW(Veterans of Foreign Wars), & the American Legion both sell them.

    They are worn on Memorial Day;


    Veterans Day(Nov.11th);
  11. Haven't seen anyone else wear one in NY.

    Been asked a couple of times what it stands for and although tempted to describe how it is worn in support of the poppy growers of AFG, have stood firm.

  12. Based upon comments from US colleague (Serving & Retired) they were not aware of what the poppy that my Can co-worker and I were wearing. Some had noticed that the coaches of the Canadian Ice Hockey teams were wearing them but that was it.

    We ended up send an all depts e-mail

  13. It's been years since I remember poppies being sold, I think it's a custom that's been dying out to some extent. Terribly sad.
  14. I bought one for each of the tribe on Memorial Day (last Monday in May, I believe) on a base in VA. However, saw very few around outside the base.
    I bought my regular poppy on a trip to Canada (and very smart it was, too) where most people seemed to be wearing them. I'll bring it up next time I go for a liquid lunch at the American Legion.