Poppies on sale. :)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by conory, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Yesterday I got my first Poppy of the year. Nice to see them on sale nice and early.

    Hope everyone gets theirs soon. :D
  2. I still have mine from 8 years ago.......iron it every year ;)
  3. check in HERE for virtual poppies for your avatar!!! :wink:
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I gave at the office.

    Can I have Poppy Montgomery please? Cheers.
  5. I had no idea either.So I checked.The poor wee thing will catch a cold going around with hardly any clothes on.She should cover up,and be wearing her overcoat.
  6. This is actually a bit irritating. Without wanting to be a gloom-monger: 'Remembrancetide begins on 23rd October and we, as 'Poppy Men' are told that we are not to start offering them until then.

    Having said that there are no laws about this and one is free to wear one all year round if you are so minded! However we are governed very tightly as to when we can offer them or rather, collect for our charity in public.
  7. Who's selling them and where is the money going?.I saw some politicians wearing them on TV but the fact hadn't really registered.
  8. Seem to remember Clarckson and Co wearing them on Top Gear last Sunday...
  9. My Newsagent has the Poppies and tin sitting on his counter since Monday 12th, we can donate as we wish but I'm not wearing the Poppy yet, - if he gets all the small change for the next 30 days he might end up with a bit extra cash which is what we want
  10. I suppose there will always be sellers who will want to jump the RBL embargo.

    Maybe it increases the sales but I expect the embargo is there for a reason and my concern would be that, by spreading the sales dates too widely, it might somehow dilute the impact of Remembrancetide among the public.
  11. [Anti-Wah]

    That was a programme recorded last November...

  12. Edinburgh airport has been flooded with Scottish Poppy Appeal collecting tins and boxes of poppies. I donated, but declined to take the poppy feeling it was still a little too early.
  13. I can't see anything wrong with wearing Poppies early. You can show your support by wearing them anytime, and the earlier the better IMO.
    But as long as you give a donation, that the main thing.
  14. I was at the Ox and Bucks RBL launch of the Poppy Appeal 2009 at The London Wasps game last weekend ( Sun 11th Oct ) and £2384 was raised
  15. I keep a Poppy wedged under my windscreen all year round, in full view of the public.

    Remembrance is all year round IMO, its just happens to be marked in November.