Poppies in San Francisco.

This is interesting. I had no idea that the British Legion had a detachment/wing/whatever over on this side of the pond. Turns out that next weekend (Sunday 12th, for some reason), they're having a bit of a rememberance, and we're sending a dozen troops over there in dress blues for whatever. Presumably a firing party, though I'm not sure about the flag bit: Seems a bit odd to present a US flag to a British veteran's group.

If it comes up, is there any protocol for folding a Union Flag? Heck, is it even protocol for American troops to fold and present one in the US?

Also, if I can get our bugler up to speed quickly, your version of 'Taps' is 'Last Post', right? Anyone happen to have the sheet music for it? (Or a good MP3 or WAV file to copy?)

In the UK, Remembrance Sunday is always held on the Sunday closest to November 11. This year, it's on the 12th. There is a two minute silence at 11am.

Last Post is the correct music to be played during the service.

Google claims this to be accurate . I can't read music, so don't know for sure.

But it should sound like this (except for the coughing).

Can't help with the flag though, sorry.

Can't help you C_T, but bless you for asking and taking an interest.
Thanks for the heads-up, C_T. A quick look on the British Consulate General in LA website tells me that I have the RBL and the Royal Air Forces Association, amongst others, here in Los Angeles County.

Now then, gents, let's not forget the Rouse (Reveille) after the 2min silence. A chap could get a bit mis, otherwise:

Just a thought; not meaning to teach anyone to suck eggs here, but it's easy to put up the union flag upside down. A 50/50 chance, in fact.


Last Post and Reveille can be found at www.legion.ca. The recordings may not be the best, but they are free and readily available for download. I don't know about the British Legion, but in the Royal Canadian Legion, depending on circumstances, The Act Of Remembrance usually follows the Last Post, Two Minutes Silence and Reveille. The staff at the British Post should be able to advise of their protocols for that.

Also, I would assume (there's that word) that the staff at the British Post would know that the St Patrick's Cross on the Union Flag is to be in the upper portion of the St Andrews Cross on the fly of the flag.
Yeah, you know, upon further reflection, I think we'll probably just nix the Union Flag idea. Wouldn't want to get it wrong, and I can't quite figure out any way it could be appropriate anyway. We'll figure something out.

So it's Reveille two minutes after Last Post? Not immediatley afterwards?

I love that! An American who knows to call it the Union Flag, whereas many of our home-grown don't.

Priceless. Good on you C_T. You're a gem.

Flag folding... go for it!!

Inventing new drills is necessary when doing something for the first time.

I don't think Brit would object to the Union Flag being ceremonially folded - which ever way up this was done: It would IMHO be highly appreciated. In my opinion, the ritual flag folding has always been one of the most moving and beautiful parts of the American ceremony.

I can only say a heartfelt thanks and 'God bless' like others who have replied to your post.

I agree with the comments above, Fold the flag and don't worry about a right or wrong way. Thank you.
Nice one CT.
If you get the chance or someone does,could you post some pics here please.It'd be interesting to see.
spike7451 said:
Nice one CT.
If you get the chance or someone does,could you post some pics here please.It'd be interesting to see.
It'd be even nicerer to watch it if it were filmed.

I went to a bizarre ceremony in a US Fort (now a museum) where there was to be taking down of Union Flag and putting up of US Flag. We didn't have a flag folding drill to hand so we made one up on the spot. Bit of footstamping, some sharp movements and we had something that looked pretty good. We also had a drummer to play Last Post as well. What with him in his red jacket I don't think anyone looked at us with the flag bit anyway!
The basic form is this: play the Last Post, finishing just before the stroke of eleven. Two minutes silence. Play the Rouse. Everything else you can make up, but normally someone recites "They shall not grow old... etc." and wreaths are laid after the Rouse, and there are normally prayers and hymns, the last of which is the National Anthem.

In the UK we don't do anything with flags on flagpoles, but in Australia and NZ flags normally fly at half-mast the whole morning until the Rouse. Flags, standards, banners, etc. that are carried are normally dipped (in the Commonwealth we vail them, i.e. they are lowered so that they are draped on the ground with the finial touching the ground - this is quite shocking to Americans who aren't used to it, so I don't expect you to do it - do a Google image search for "royal salute guard" for an example) during the Last Post and until the end of the Rouse. All those in uniform should present arms / salute from the beginning of the Last Post until the end of the Rouse.
Well, our other small problem is that I don't think I can requisition a U.F. through the supply system. US Flags are easy. I only found out about this gig yesterday, and in fairness, the B.L. might have their own ideas of what they want from us. So far, all I know for sure is the request for ten men, which usually means firing party, bugler, and flag folders. I'm just trying to think of a few things off my own bat here, and could well be placing cart before ox.

Sorry I thought that maybe the headline had been misread...due to San Francisco being one of the places where people have a different sexual orietation I thought it might have read "poppers in San Francisco": certainly would mean blowing a different type of bugle!! :twisted:
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