Poppies in my office!

Now, before Biscuits cuts in I am not referring to the lovely arrse maiden Poppy but rather the red remembrance ones.

Here is the, unbelievable in my opinion, situation. When asking the slightly dizzy receptionist this morning why we don't have any poppies on the front desk for people to get one and donate some money at the same time, I get the gob-smacking response of "because some of the other staff here have complained about them being on the front desk". Shocked but able to ask why, she responds saying there was a couple of complaints that it made the foyer look tacky (one sod.ding box!) and that it was completely unnecessary...... 8O Added to that when I asked what impact that had on the silence on the 11th, she said the people who had complained had also deemed it a 'waste of time' and a disruption to their working day. I was honestly too taken aback to retaliate, and anyway it wasn't the dappy receptionist who was the culprit.

Suffice to say I am shocked that some people have actually complained about a small box of red paper flowers that serve an important charity and deemed the 11th as a normal working day!

So my questions now are:

1) where do I get a poppy box from so I can put it in MY office?
2) how many swear words should I use when I find out who complained?
and 3) should I get 'physical' on the complainers ass!?

Shocked and completely disppointed of London
flowers said:
So my questions now are:

1) where do I get a poppy box from so I can put it in MY office?
2) how many swear words should I use when I find out who complained?
and 3) should I get 'physical' on the complainers ass!?

Shocked and completely disppointed of London
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION tel: 02079 737200 That's the HQ in London. Tell 'em what you want and they'll sort it! :wink:
I always find that the more you use fcuk and dispense with as many other words as possible is a good indicator of level of angriness. for example: Oh Fcuk the fcuking fcukers fcuking fcuked. For extra emphasis you can punctuate with the wor cnut. As for retribution I recommend a long and prolonged war of attrition: putting the offenders name on mailing lists for all manner of things advertised in papers etc , booking appointments for salesmen to go round their houses. Also a nice touch is to put up those nice little cards advertising ladies services with the offenders number on, all over town.
Alternatively... kick 'em in the nuts.
Oh, yeah, and another thing Flowers...

Report these moral thugs to your boss. On the 11th Nov we remember the people who gave their lives for us. I reckon a couple of minutes break in a day is very little to ask.

Suggest a general internal email suggesting that anyone who wants to ignore the two minutes silence and work through it gets paid triple time. When they respond to your email. You've got the cnuts causing the aggro! :twisted:
I always seem to be suprised at this time of year with peoples attitude towards Poppy day. You have people who you'd expect to be first in line for them (after serving personnel) such as companies who supply to defence etc but even though we have the box very few people show the respect. Also the attitude of people who say "oh well, the first world war was before i was born" is something that makes me want to put them through the nearest sutibly hard surface! These people don't seam to realise the whole meaning of the thing. I do sympathise with you flowers and agree you should encourage your mangement to tell the moaning individuals to "do one" and good on you for taking the initiative to get it put back!!!

I suppose these tossers in your office are the same ones who fall over themselves to wear "Make Poverty History" wristbands and worship at the altar of self-flagellation of Saint Bob and Chris Martin ad nauseum.

Come The Day all these people will be marched around The Somme and the Normandy Beaches until they get it.

Just another thought on this one.

When our local RBL branch holds its Remembrance day service at the War Memorial. The Chaplain (who is also ex-mod and a branch member) asks us to remember the fallen in ALL wars and conflicts and to spare a thought for those servicemen engaged in present conflicts.

I do think that sometimes people believe we are only remembering the DEAD of two World Wars! :evil:

I've lost a lot of good mates in NI, terrorism at the hands of paramilitaries, - and at the hands of the Argies. I've got mates in Iraq too. I'll be thinking of them as I do every Remb Sunday! :cry:


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We have had poppies in reception for over two weeks. We are part of a major defence manufacturer. My children's school has poppies in reception and the box is walked round in the morning to every classroom.

The children have been told that they WILL buy and wear a poppy.

This is how it should be.
At least they not wearing a white poppy from the people who thought a hitler dominated europe wouldnt be that bad .
Dont wear a poppy if you dont want to .Wear a white one and i want to spit at you .
I praise my firm exceedingly rarely, but top marks for them when it comes to 11th November. A couple of days ahead, a group email is sent and an announcement posted on the Intranet stating that at 11 o'clock on 11th November a buzzer will sound to signal the start of the 2 minutes silence and requests that those who don't want to take the time to reflect respect the silence for the sake of those who do.
Vegetius and Woody: thanks for your postings. They said exactly what I would have wanted to say, but you got there first.
asked this morning by a mong in the offic......................"what's that?......................why are you wearing it"

do prisoners get internet access, cos by the end of the day, think i'll have murdered someone!
I make sure that my kids go to school with a poppy - and also ensure they know why they wear it.

I would definitely find out who complained and embarrass them out of their skin. Maybe if that Sun man want to put his money where his mouth is he could raise the profile of this very important issue in his lovely newspaper.

I don't know what line of business you're in Flowers - but if it is in any way defence related then they should be doubly ashamed of themselves.
Disgusted. like dozy bint my company respect the two minute silence and encourage all employees to do so, we have poppies for sale at the front desk and in the staff canteen. Sounds like another case of PC gone mad.
Presumambly this is by the same pc fascists that want us to celebrate "winterval" instead of Christmas. Slightly off topic, but I have seen quite a few people of all ages wearing poppies this year, which is encouraging. One slight gripe: The new Scottish Poppy (negative stem and with slightly adhesive backing) is pants and fell of my jacket within minutes.
Thumbs up for the sentiments of all in this thread...

Thumbs DOWN for the Duchess of Cornwall though, currently seen flouncing around the states WITHOUT a poppy at any stage so far. Her old man managed it, as have all the staff at Clarence House, so does she also not think it worth her time?

I hope the mother in law beasts her about it when they get home...

(Do the H.Cav have ones to fit a horse?)
Would I be right in thinking that your's is a multi-occupancy building and you don't have to share an office with these pointless individuals, otherwise the addition of a poppy box on your own desk would be a high profile response to their cretinism.

However if they're in another office in the same building I don't imagine it would be too hard to find some volunteers willing to stand just outside the entrance to the building with boxes of poppies and collecting tins during the periods when the gobsh*tes arrive and depart.
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