Poppies, Flanders and Family Honour.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by maninblack, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    On Sunday morning, probably after you read this, I will set off for my biannual trip to Paris Airshow. In June as you drive down the A1 from Lille to Paris the poppies of the Somme valley are in full bloom.

    I will make a 30 mile detour on the way to a little village called Templeux-Le-Guerard where there is a little know cemetery containing the last remains of around 700 British soldiers.

    Amongst them is my Great Uncle John, a private in the 9th Battalion “Ashton Pals” The Manchester Regiment who survived being shot in the neck on his 19th birthday in Gallipoli only to be machine gunned whilst repairing the wire in no man's land in May 1917.

    He lies alongside the other 6 members of the wiring party. There is nobody left alive on this planet who ever met 20 year old John Tindall.

    Most of us have family buried in these fields; Make the effort and remember them.
  2. MIB

    Would this be the wiring party?

    7th May 1917

    Stanley Green, 351697, L/Cpl
    Herbert Christian, 350840, Pvt
    William Handley, 3250431, Pvt, 19 years old
    Thomas Harrison, 352409, Pvt
    James Howard, 352014, Pvt
    Stanley Pearson, 350627, Pvt
    John Tindall, 350504, Pvt

  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, where did you get that information from?

    By the way, the cemetary is as immaculate as I expected it to be.
  4. Soldiers Died in the Great War and CWGC website, foxed me for a moment there as John Tindall (Your great uncle I assume) is listed as serving with the 2/9th Bn and the others 1/9th Bn.
  5. Went to visit the son back in summer 2004 in Germany and travelled across France, Belgium and Holland. As I`d never had the chance before, the wife and I pottered around the various battlefields and cemeteries and were overwhelmed by the scale of loss. I don`t think this is possible without visiting the area, documentaries on TV just don`t get it across. We did manage to find the grave of Lance Corporal H Bint, Wiltshire Regiment, a relative of the wife, buried in Belgium, died of sickness 1915 aged 22.

    Have also found out about a KSA medal left in the wifes late fathers belongings, don`t know if he was a relative, Pte A Vincent fought with the 13th Hussars in the SA war and was recalled to duty at the outbreak of the Great War serving with the 11th Hussars until 1917 when he was passed back to civvy street.
  6. noduff this brought a lump to me gregory