Poppies and mess kit?

I alway wear my poppy behind the left button of the No1 dress hat.

Never on the jacket
Went to one last year, and we were in the same boat...do we, don't we. In the endwe all followed the RSMs lead and placed one behind our collar dog on the right hand side. I know not all mess dress will allow this though!!
I can't recall ever seeing poppies worn with Mess Kit. Can't really see where it would go anyway.
HE 117 is correct, I believe, the correct head dress with mess kit is No1, and instructions already exist for how the poppy should be worn on headress.
polar said:
Headdress with mess kit? Never heard that before.
Which is probably why you've never seen poppy on mess dress jackets before. :D

On the rare occasions you are required to wear head dress with mess kit, you wear No1s, with poppy if it's that time of the year.
polar said:
Headdress with mess kit? Never heard that before.
That's new to me too!
Im the units I served with as a aSNCO we always wore the Corps side cap with mess kit. The poppy being stripped off the stalk and fitted behind the cap badge. (1968-73)
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