Poppers- to sniff or not to sniff???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gentlemensrelish, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone please tell me whether it is legal to inhale poppers or not within HMF? Do we get tested for them? Didn't used to. ;) I have just rejoined after being exposed to these delights, but don't obviously want to jeopardise my career. Bit worried as they don't seem to sell them in Anne Summers any more and I have an old bottle screaming "sniff me!" lol
  2. Thought only poofs did poppers !
  3. I take it you are good with colours?
  4. No, defo not a poof, straight girlie actually! Actually thought that having sex on poppers was doing it on bubble wrap once upon a time! lol
  5. Ok post some picture of said act and we will let you know our view of the matter :D
  6. How very rude! Use your oh so furtive imagination! lol
  7. You think that was rude lucky its not the NAAFI :oops:
  8. If you're a sex pot then what you doing posting on a website at 2.30 in the morning ?

    And before anyone asks I'm waiting for the Joe Calzaghe fight to come on
  9. New to all of this, so I really dread to think what goes on in that den of inequety! C u in there later! lol
  11. Nice one :D GR on the poppers thing stay away from it mate if you have to ask then you know it’s wrong. Is it worth the job just for a bit of bubble rap sex who am I kidding get snorting I’ll be round in 10 :hump: .

    No seriously give it a miss
  12. bubble rap mmmmmmm sounds goodif you want somthing to sniff i'm sure the lads on here will oblige you
  13. Sniff the lot, pass out and fack off
  14. Sniffed that once many moons ago when one of the lads shoved a bottle under my nose. Feck me did it give me a banging head!! If I want a headache like that I'll just listen to the missus, feck paying for it. :wink: