poppers on chest rig

Anyone know what the poppers on the left hand shoulder strap are for?

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Looks like a direct copy of the original NI issue one, so for some bit of radio kit that’s no longer used

A case of copying something without knowing how it works, another example is cadet vests faithfully copied from the issue right down to the holster in the left interior pocket…
Anyone know what the poppers on the left had shoulder strap are for?

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I seem to remember early Osprey had something similar - a bit of elastic with a popper either end was supplied; I guess they were for routing cables or hydration tubes through.

Edit: They appear to have been for attaching the shoulders/sleeves - which I was never issued.
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Some one with be along very soon spilling their guts and impressing us with their vast knowledge on the top secret ecm
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It's not for ANTLER that's for sure....

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