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Pope visits Cornwall

One day the Pope was in from Italy and after a rough week of meeting Arch Bishops and other religious figures, he decided to go down to Cornwall.

When he arrives in his popemobile he sees a man in the water, struggling for his life aginst a shark. Upon a closer look he notices that it is Gordon Brown.

Horrified he starts to call for help when a speedboat stops along side Gordon, with David Cameron and Nick Clegg on board. Nick leans over and pulls him out. Then Cameron and Clegg begin to beat the shark to death with baseball bats.

The two men notice the Pope and land the boat on the beach.

The Pope says to them, "I know that there has been alot of attention and alot of strife in this election but I can see that you men respect each other and would help each other in their hour of need. You have my blessings"

Then the Pope backs up and drives out of sight.

Cameron asks, "Who the f**k was that?"

"That was the pope Mr Prime Minister, he is all knowing, in touch with God and the Leader of the Chatholic Church," said Nick.

David says, "Well that's all very well but he doesn't know a thing about shark fishing. How's the bait holding up?"

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