Pope tickets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Pope tickets, roll up, bring yer children......uh,, no maybe don't do that..ouch, ich bin ein marketer, ooow. Nein, I meant a cellar, feck, seller, I really, your Holiness, I'm not kidding you, .......
    kids,oh shite....................
  2. Fuck off, you travesty!
  3. My Son, confession is always an option, just come into my box. Owwww, I'm still trying to sell them
  4. Will they let me in if I wear Hitler Youth uniform in honour of the man?
  5. Only if you have the arse cut of the back
  6. I hope the Guinness Book of records is there to record the World's biggest kiddie-diddlers' meeting.
  7. I think the Holy Fathers biggest audience will be in Burger King in Scotland. I hear they are no working on a recipie for a Papish Burger. It is el Papa sandwiched between two altar boys with a benadictine dressing and the curates chips covered in the Monsignors Mayo !!

  8. I want to wash away my sins with Pope-on-a-rope!

    (Oh, not in the Glasgow Rangers sense...)