Pope Rushed to the Hospital

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tomahawk6, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. The Pope suffering from the flu had trouble breathing and has been rushed to the hospital. I hope he will make a speedy recovery.
  2. At his age?????

    They should have allowed him to retire instead of wheeling him out and propping him up.

    that said, hopefully he will be OK but considering his health of late :?
  3. I'm not a great fan of any religion, but I wish the old boy well and a quick recovery.
    This is the guy that told the Soviets to shove it.
  4. Last time I saw him speak on TV, I'm pretty sure what he really said was "Help me, I'm being held against my will. I just want to sleep"
  5. ALL the jobs in the Vatican are up for grabs on appointment of a new Pope. A massive INDUSTRY exsists to keep him alive and in power. The ENTIRE establishment of powerful positions is dependant on the Pope.
    PS Best of health to the gent, a true fighter, of both the Nazis and the Commies.
  6. "The Shoes of the Fisherman" ring any bells? He's had a good run,lasted a lot longer than his predecessor despite Mehmet Ali Agca
  7. EVERY pope has lasted longer than John Paul the seconds predecessor, John Paul the first only lasted 33 days!

    Beebs 8O
  8. "What's the difference between a Pope and a gobstopper?"

    "A gobstopper lasts longer" :lol:
  9. Apart from "Pope Joan" :lol:
  10. First Yasser Arafat, soon to add the Pope, my dead pool names are suddenly coming good. Come on George Best, get back in the pub.

    Yes, imagine being supportive of an organisation that is founded on false propaganda, rules by fear of retaliation, places its needs above all others to the extent that the individual is of almost no importance, and has conducted massive social engineering to ensure its continued existence and retention of its obscene wealth.

    And then there are the Nazis and Communsist too.
  11. and the horse 8O
  12. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,......someone has been overdosing on The DaVinci Code and other assorted anti-clerical rubbish. Despite longstanding attempts to blacken the reputation of the Church, it might serve some of the mudslingers better to actually study the history of the Church....such as the essential unity and structure it gave to Europe during the Dark Ages, its patronage of artists and other artisans of the Renaissance, its continued involvement in education, its championing of the Christian cause in the face of the threat from the Ottomans, its oppostiion to Napoleon, its opposition to Hitler (despite myth-history that portrays Pius XII as 'Hitler's pope'; the hundreds of clergymen murdered by the Nazis before and after July 1944?), its opposition to Communism and the massive suffering of the Church behind the Iron Curtain......

    The Church, like any other organisation, has enormous problems, but it is all too easy to put the boot into it...it's the unthinking, intellectually lazy default position of the right-on liberal.
  13. He can actually stand down if he wishes. Cardinals can continue to work on until the end of their lives, but the "college of cardinals" that elects a new pope is limited in number to 120 and they must be under the age of 75, so although there are more cardinals kicking about in various posts they are technically retired from the Collegium.

    His health has been in decline for some years. I remember seeing him in St Peter's in 1996 and again in 2000, and the 2 photographs from the public audiences show a marked difference in his physical stature. Although his physical health is failing him, his mind is still as sharp as a tack!
  14. Gallowglass I was referring to the Roman Catholic Church, not just "the Church" as you suggest in your rather patronising reply. An important distinction.

    Believe it or not some people in the world have rejected this monstrosity, and have done so quite a few years prior to the publishing of the book to which you refer.
  15. The old joke of the Pope being a man who kisses the ground and walks on women has been around a lot longer than the da Vinci Code.

    JP II's pronouncements on population control in areas like the Philippines and South America have caused massive suffering in places where "no" is not an option for women and ante and peri-natal care are extremely limited. His method of curbing the spread of HIV doesn't seem to have been too effective either.........it had a predictably low take-up rate :roll: