Pope pulling one off?

tattybadger said:
Brings a new meaning to the phrase beating your bishop.
I think you'll find that in this case the appropriate phrase for 'spannering one off' would be'Choking the Cardinal'
Well, the last Pope, John Paul, apparently had a bevy and anciet crones, Nuns, to do his bidding around his quarters. May Benedict has similar.... the same 'Ancient Mariners' Nuns.. 8O 8O

Oh Dear, I really should be more respectfull of the Il Papa...... he is the Leader....... and I might not get arrselutions...... . Its Got be 'Special Bru' O'Clock soon..... :lol:
Did these nuns kiss the Pope's ring :?
Was he on his own? Or was Tony Bliar with him?
Cracking one off in his Hitler Yoof shorts no doubt..
King_of_the_Burpas said:
Was he on his own? Or was Tony Bliar with him?
That would be an ecumenical matter!!!
As a practising Catholic I find this thread highly offensive & will be reporting you all to the Almighty who will smite you all down with furious vengeance. Alternatively I will go straight to an ARRSE sponsor/advertiser & ask them if really want to be associated with such comments.

I may have lied about being a catholic, & frankly I couldn't care less about people slagging off the pope or any other religious/way of life groups of people.

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