Pope Promotion Board Results

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. White smoke - New Pope in town

    Black Smoke - Photo finish (Stewards enquiry)

    Black Smoke twice - goes to penalties.
  2. What if its a black popester? Black smk with bells
  3. Steel drums in the Vatican!
  4. If it is the coloured chap that gets in, here is the da new Popemobile.


    I hear raised bit to the rear will still have a pole in the back but this time it will have his biatches dancing up and down it.
  5. Thats not quite right. There are no dreadlocks visible.
    Ok OK
    getting me cloak :lol:
  6. Pimp up the pope mobile, excellent!!
  7. What about a Paddy Pope? Drink .. drink! Feck. Condoms? Now there's a thought ...
  8. We need a young one who's willing to reach out to adolescent Catholics and host Pope My Ride.
  9. Harrumph, my Catholic wife doesn't like the idea. She'd rather have Pimp my Nun.
  10. Leave that to the Jesuits, they've been at it for about two hundred years now...
  11. Perhaps they are running a Pope Promotion cadre?

    Any moment now we will see a loads of bedding come flying off St Peter's Balcony and a Purple clad cardinal getting rifted around the square by a Swiss Gaurd? I expect to see Cardinals in command tasks:

    "Now then, there are thee young boys in the vestry and four of you - how can you arrange to: Each spend spiritual development time with each of them whilst funding dodgy Mafia deals and preventing the spread of STDs as Condoms are "bad". In 3 Romeo - Gas! Gas! Gas!"
  12. LOL LostBoss - Papal cardre show parade thrice daily , live web cast. :lol:

    Web site (BBC) says the new big cahoona will be presented to the masses one hour after being selected. So do they have a bint with a sewing machine at 5 mins notice to whippo up the new white frock or are they issued from the Vatican RQMS... oi NIW... (as opposed to NIG) sign here :)
  13. [​IMG]

    latest candidate being discussed now :wink:
  14. Looks like we are about to have the winner announced....