Pope back in hospital.

i don't think he has got long left now
pshaw.. its all a ploy to help flog his latest retro-book just released to the unsuspecting masses...

still.. I'm hedging my bet.. and putting a fiver on the Nigerian Cardinal to have the inside track in the playoffs...
He has led a long and spiritual life. He opposed the nazis and the Russians
and deserves alot of the credit for what happened in Poland with soldidarity.
I for one will mourn his passing.
Not being too religious....I think the Catholic church should have devised some way of letting him retire gracefully and ending his days doddering about the Vatican, instead of propping up this dying old man, who no-one can understand when he tries to speak.

I feel the Vatican and the Catholic church has done itself harm by flogging the Pope to death due to his heavy work load :evil:

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