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Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by Quantum Leaper, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. You don't have to be good with anagrams to realise that Pope Benedict is an epic bent pedo
  2. you mean "peado"? Doesn't quite work when spelt correctly.

    Did you know that Quantum Leaper is an anagram of "Queer Anal mup't"
  3. And PrinceAlbert is . .

    Rectal Bin Rep

    also The Popes other title the 'Prince of Apostles' reads . .

    La Perfectest in Hoops
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Vicar of Jesus Christ gives us:

    A Fuhrer's civics Jots - I like that one.

    Sciatic Rev Surf Josh! - Dunno who Josh is, but he's quiet young.

    Adding 'the' to Vicar of Jesus Christ gives us:

    A coercive first; just shh!
  5. Joseph Alois Ratzinger = Zealotries Raping Josh

    Really got it in for that Josh bloke..

  6. Pedo- is a prefix meaning relating to children or soil, see e.g.:

    Pedology (children study)
    Pedology (soil study)
    Pedometrics, the application of mathematical and statistical methods for the study of the distribution and genesis of soils.
    In slang:

    Pedo, pejorative slang term abbreviation (adjective or noun) referencing pedophilia (pedophilic or pedophile).

    wiki link here

    get with the times old man ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P
  7. And yet peadophile, is still spelt as such
  8. How about "His Holiness the Pope"

    which can be roughly angrammed as.....

    "He shits on his people"

  9. paedophile or pedophile
    — n
    a person who is sexually attracted to children

    Collins English Dictionary

    I admit that without the 'a' is prodominantly US way of spelling, but it's still valid
  10. PAEDOPHILE as in PAEDIATRICS from the greek.Pedo is the americanism
  11. I thought it was spelt 'Paedophile'?
  12. And is that the US way of spelling 'predominantly'? If you live in a glass house, don't start throwing dictionaries.
  13. Does that make you "Quantum Leper"? :)
  14. Yes, correctly spelling the English language is the second thing the Americans can't do; the first being to successfully rescue a hostage...
  15. or understand British Army humour.