War Hero
the former head of the country's feared secret police, was decapitated during the hanging

I'll get my coat... Taxi


War Hero
Someones head is on the block for that one . . .

No need to lose your head over it . . .

Wind ya neck in mate . . .

Gone are the heady days of despotism!
Now that is a vid that might be worth ghoulishly observing....

Must have been a fat cnut with a skinny neck.
Heads will roll for this one! :wink:
He will never be the head of a major corporation.
Fuck me, bet that was a laugh! I still reckon banging them all up in the Hague would save us a lot of trouble in Iraq though.

Gallows humour eh?
TheBigUn said:
Gallows humour eh?

Grave humour if you ask me. This is a time for straight heads.


Apparently it was "an act of god".

If you ask me it was.

Gods done his bit to supply the local kids with a football.


ok guys keep your heads on, it wasn't that bad!
Pop goes the weasel.
braveheart said:
Praetorian said:
Whens the footage coming out then? Someone must have found it!

apparently its not going to be officially released, so could take a few hours yet until its unofficially "leaked"

Now theres another dirty word. Leak.