Pop Up Ads & Redirects on Mobile - Anyone Still Having Them?

@Bad CO Had this all day yesterday. Same page as tappet had in February. Chrome in android, only this website and no others. Gone now.
I had this yesterday too, ran all seurity software, removed cookies etc and it's ok today
Cheers for letting me know. I'm really busy this weekend but will see what I can do next week.

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Nothing for me and I used to get the bastards all the time.
I have noticed that I do not get adverts on some threads.

The thread about pseudonymity is ad free but the thread about HMS Massive has ads.

If this is intentional then fine. It doesn’t really bother me that much either way but I guess it could affect revenue if it’s a bug.

I did have to type this twice as the runaway delete bug wiped it.


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I did have to type this twice as the runaway delete bug wiped it.
You make a typo, backspace, nothing happens, press again, then watch the entire post delete itself before your eyes?

I thought it was the fault of optimistically trying to run Chrome on a poky Fire 7 tablet.

Me too.
Yep. In a nutshell.

iPad with iOS 11.3 here so it’s not platform specific.

I also have an issue with trying to select a word or piece of text. Clicking on a word brings up a circle above it and the cursor randomly moves elsewhere.

I just clicked on “optimistically” in your post and the cursor jumped to “eyes” above it. Tried again and it worked.

It’s all a bit weird. And whilst it is a bit of a first world problem it is annoying.

And it’s only here. Using other ZenForo sites which are in the older pre-2018 upgrade version (ie Metabunk) does not give these problems.
Two issues here chaps:
  • Popup ads - I thought we'd cracked these but clearly not. This is still on my to-do list
  • Misbehaving Rich Text Editor - this should have been fixed but, once again, clearly hasn't. There is a solution to this but it means turning off the 'rich' element by toggling the BB code (gear icon)on the toolbar above the text box.
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