Pop Up Ads & Redirects on Mobile - Anyone Still Having Them?

@Bad CO Ive had one yesterday and one today. Can’t remember where yesterday’s was, today was on the last page of the Trump Presidency thread.

Both were the ‘you’ve won an iPhone’ type.

I’m on an iPhone 6s, running the latest iOS (updated it this morning - so saw one ad before, one after the update).

The ad address was http://www.google.com-win-a-free-gift-from-walmart-amazon-iphone.twsis.com/home/valid?jkhjkhetjkewhkjth=756;0;45226fe08cd0c8bd94a5248382aa5c90;bcc7e5c7cf6186e8bec4cd53c89e1264;s2=133891|s3=${domain}|s4=251568|s5=${datetime}|s6=${appstore_url}|my9=${os}|;337_2145;http://www.google.com-win-a-free-gift-from-walmart-amazon-iphone.twsis.com


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In the last two days I’ve been bothered by this pop up and redirect.

iPhone 8 user

Pop ups and redirects almost making ARRSE unusable on my iPhone 8 and IPad this morning :/

Same here.

About fifteen times yesterday and about ten times so far today.

fairly easy to solve by hitting history and going back to an earlier page.

But still very annoying.

The sticky key on back/delete on the iPad is a bigger nuisance at the moment.

This is my fourth attempt at this post so it is not caused by pictures.


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This just popped up (ironically) in my Google feed. See what effect it has on pop-up ads.

Google’s Chrome ad blocking arrives tomorrow and this is how it works | The Verge
I've been incommunicado for the last week or so - any improvements or still the same issues?
It would be interesting to me to know if there was a correlation between the seeming dropoff of pop-up ads and the use of Chrome, implying whether or not the Google ad blocker was doing anything.
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