Pop Idol Scumbag.

Little shit

make him face his victim alone. Three on one, gutless cowardly weasel.

I hope simon cowell runs him through with a bayonet live on the tele
This doesn't seem fair. I watched the weasal on TV crying his eyes out. I only hope the squaddie brings a civil case against this prick for damages. Wait and see if he makes it big, and then claim for millions.
Would sooner see him get to the finals, win and then let his victim, ex squaddie, storm on stage in stilletoes, pink affro and ron hills and make him cry real tears as he whips him with gripper rod and hammers his toes flat
It does'nt seem to matter what folks get up to nowadays it makes me effing sick, the twat should still be inside nevermind on effin telly :evil:
mind you that bugger on eastenders was convicted for muder(of a German taxi driver he'd robbed)while he was in the Army,it hasn't held him back either(turd) I dont watch the drivel anyway but wouldnt do now on principle(eastenders that is) I will also be boycotting Plop idols now,Thanks for the tipoff. :evil:
No No No

It was ok for Leslie Grantham to murder the boxhead cab driver.

Do you not recal trips back from the bahnhoff at double clock mit ein klien add on for the fat bastard with an attitude and hygeine problem

Many times I awoke to find the taxi fayre home was three times what it should have been.

Im also sure those taxi drivers emptied my wallet, jumped on my head and spent all my money, then to cap it all off shat in my gob

So in summary Leslie only did what we wished we could do :D
I love watching Pop Idols. I just love watching pretty youngsters strut in with massive egos, only to be destroyed in seconds by Simon and co. I thought you had to work hard for the title of 'famous'. Not appear for 5 minutes on a manufactured TV show. I love it when some break down and cry after being told they are not Pop Idols. 'I just want to be famous' ! Famous for what?.....................
Pop idols goes in fits and starts.

Its good watching the absolutley talentless making arses of themselves and the totty fest is also good.

Disappointed by this years offerings though, the angelina joley fit chick lookalike was binned in the first round and gurt bucket went through.

More totty needed.
This forum should be renamed to "Green Idol" coz im getting a huge whiff of jealousy from all the bitchy comments being made....miaow!!!
Nothing green-eyed or catty about it, suggest you read the link on the first post, then see what you think about Mr. Marc Dillon. Personally, I think he's a turd, a cowardly one, at that.

:twisted: :twisted:
So they won't let someone win who is fat because of the image thing.....

but it is okay to have a conviction like thus scumbag?

I wonder if the producers of the show knew about this before hand??
How about some of the more masculine Arrser's (Flash and Woopert obviously excluded) buy tickets for the final and when the scumbag turns out on stage we storm it in our stilletoes and fighting gear and give him what he deserves.

We can then give the audience a drunken rendition of the squaddie favourite 'Shinnneeepow' while stamping on our cowardly jock thug
Bollox to the year in prison, where i hope he was severly buggered until his hoop resembled a deflated 4 tonner innertube, i hope the little tosser gets just what he deserves - a good old squaddie shoeing! :twisted:
I see the objectionable little shit has made the papers today, and at least one columnist has picked up on the conviction.
Much as I dislike these sort of shows, it might be worth getting ready to vote the c*nt out if he looks like making it to the final. Pass the word chaps!
Unfortunately, being registered to a couple of tofu-loving peace and anarchy sites, I wouldn't dream of suggesting we see if todays image-obsessed kiddies would vote for someone horribly disfiguered after a brutal kicking. :D


I say let the little motherf****r win, then sue him for everything he wins, plus all the money he makes on any contracts for the rest of his natural born life.
That'll teach him to be "young and stupid" like he so casually said he was.