Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. right
    whilst reading through all the posts, It has come to my notice that a lot of you young soldier fellas are obsessed with mens bottoms, and most of the humour is centered round the ringpiece, wtf is going on in todays army?I myself was always a vertical bacon butty type of chap and that sort of thing was frowned upon, you all know who the offenders are in this forum, now dicuss amongst yourselves and bring it on :D ,its not that i disaprove or anything cough cough, i,m just curious.
  2. There does seem to have been an influx from the Bufty Club. I find it all rather sinister.

    Sinister yet strangely intriguing...
  3. I think the stance that 'Gas all snappers' still stands....

    You can't deny that trumping and poo stories, to a degree are dammed funny. And every squaddie has a tale or two....... Sadly there are those who have the poo stories about the residue from the end of thier stems after pulling out of another gentleman.

    That said, I think the poo tales are done to death and only very rarely does an absolute gem come along like


    On the occasion that these treasures come along, they are to be cherished and saluted.
  4. I can,t deny that i find the humour very funny, thats why i read this site, but since this species of people cant breed, where the **** do they all come from
  5. I think a lot of thyem force themselves to be camp queer tw@ts just to get on the tele. Bleedin untermenchen.
  6. What I love about this forum is how well so many of you would've got on with Hitler.
  7. Sorry must clarify my last. Gay is Ok as long as they keep to themselves. I have had the honour of spending time with one or two who are thouroughly decent human beings. CAMP gits are the spokesmen of the devil.
  8. Hey Hitler wasn't all bad he just went a bit too far!
  9. To quote Clive James/Pete Atkins
    ''Hitler, Himmler, Goering, and all them other reds'' :p :wink:
  10. monkey jim
    I agree with you on that,I actually believe that gay seems to be a lifestyle choice thesedays and its considered fashionable, and why do they feel the need to march to proclaim their views, i,ve never seen a bunch of hairy arsed brickies and builders marching to tell the world that they like porking women
  11. The only people who don't march, rant or rave are white hetrosexual anglo saxons. Even the jocks see themsleves as a minority these days. Trying to get extra cash off Her Maj. To cap it all they produce some horrendous poofters. Must be them kilt things they wear that sets off the girly hormones.
  12. That'll be because they will be halfway up some scaffolding (with their arrses hanging our of their jeans), announcing to the world that 'she'd get it' or ' phwwwwwoooaarrr' 'ello darling, fancy a bit' etc..
  13. just to clarify my standpoint, I dont have a problem with gay as such,what i,m trying to say is it,s the celebrity in your face type of gay that i cant stand,you know the type the mincing variety.
  14. phantom
    you make that sound like a bad thing
  15. I was merely pointing out that they are far too busy to attend any kind of rally/protest march to announce their sexual orientation.