Poor time management

Is it just my place or has it become a far worse epidemic than it ever was before? Up until here people always wanted things yesterday. But here they wanted it last week and expect you to know this by using the force. Please tell me its just here so I know that when I move things will get better again :?
It's the way it is and the way it always will be. Just the less of us there are the more severe it seems to be.

I suggest that you get to your nearest AEC (if you have the time) and get on a 'Telepathy for Beginners' course. It's a lot more reliable than using 'The Force'. It did me the world of good and I'm now ready for my 'advanced' course with the boost in pay that will bring. :roll:
Oh great! I thought it was just my last 2 postings that were crap!

When asked what kit they needed on the road and when, the reply was - and still is - all of it, all the time.

Very good sir, I'll go and knit some class 1 VMs, Armrs and ECEs then shall I? :roll:

Cav and Grunt 2 I/Cs - don't you just love 'em.

it,s a hard life if you don't weaken.... But don't weaken.
Hi Treebeard,

Me? weaken? never!

Just biding my time until I can go to the land of Oz now :D
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